Hochul’s New Religion: God Gave Us The Vaccines, And He Wants Us To Be Vaccinated

To start, New York Governor Kathy Hochul isn’t God, a prophet, or a moral figure that anyone should look up to. As a Catholic, you should look after the oppressed, not take their jobs, but that’s what Hochul has done. She’s mandated that every New York hospital employee has to get the Covid-19 vaccine or be fired. That encompasses over 70,000 people.

Let’s talk about faith. Faith is believing and trusting you are in God’s grace through Jesus Christ. It means you’re protected from evil, ill will, and even viruses. The Bible says to trust God, not man. Though God gives people the ability to provide products and services that are helpful to humanity, under no circumstances would God mandate the Covid-19 vaccine. Unless you ask Hochul.

The people who should be most protected are the unborn children. Hochul called Texas’ HeartBeat Bill “grotesquely unfair.” Should Hochul, as a Catholic, be against abortion? Psalms 139 says, “you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” Or, the more politically correct version, “you knit me together in my birthing person’s womb.” That’s the Hochul International Version.

All jokes aside, Hochul needs to decide what she’s for and what she’s against. Her hypocritical mandates and governor’s orders conflict with her religion. Though America has freedom of religion, she’s leading people of faith astray with her ridiculous views on “new age” Catholicism.

In the service, Hochul said that unvaccinated people “aren’t listening to God and what God wants.” She’s talking to a different God. The Bible is strictly against abortion and forcing others to do what you want. In Galatians 5:1, this verse seems to speak against Hochul’s vaccine mandate. You shouldn’t be a slave to a man just like you shouldn’t be a slave to a vaccine.

But Hochul doesn’t care. Most politicians claim one religion or another and act nothing as they should.

The law says that a religious exemption is legitimate for most things. Hochul doesn’t practice that religious exemption because she’s trying to rewrite the Bible as her own and use her political power to interpret the Bible for her liking. That’s what happened when the Ku Klux Klan began. They interpreted that Black Americans were lesser than White Americans and justified their evil doings through biblical interpretation.

It leads many down a path of disbelief and distrust for the mandates in place and Hochul’s religion. She’s getting nowhere and leading others with her.