House Votes Down DC Rule Allowing Noncitizens To Vote

The Biden administration’s lax immigration policies have exacerbated a border crisis that dates back decades as leftist politicians continue to welcome undocumented immigrants into the nation with open arms.

A number of conservatives have suggested that a primary motive for their stance on this issue is a desire to create a new voting bloc beholden to the Democratic Party.

Former U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) outlined this position in December 2021.

“Democrats will face two choices going forward: Either moderate their policy agenda to appeal to their voters, or find a new pool of voters to replace the ones they no longer agree with,” he wrote in an op-ed. “Coincidentally (or not), a tsunami of new potential voters is swarming across the southern border unimpeded, all of whom will owe their successful entry to the policies of Democrats.”

Although leftist media fact-checkers have attempted to debunk the claim that Democrats want to turn undocumented immigrants into loyal voters, a new provision in the nation’s capital constitutes a clear step in that direction.

D.C. lawmakers advanced a measure designed to give noncitizens the right to vote in local elections, but the GOP-led U.S. House of Representatives voted to overturn it. In fact, 42 Democrats crossed the aisle to send a clear message to the district as the vote passed by a 260-173 margin.

Honest Election Project Action Executive Director Jason Snead was among the election reform advocates who celebrated the move by Congress.

“I applaud the House for acting to ensure that foreign spies and illegal immigrants are not voting in the nation’s capital,” he said. “Thanks to a Constitutional right and since the District is not a state, the House acted as it should have and has moved to stop this extreme and antidemocratic measure.”

Of course, the D.C. law is still viable since the matter still needs to go before the Democratic-led U.S. Senate.

The House also voted to express its disapproval of a controversial criminal justice reform measure that, among other things, calls for the eradication of mandatory minimum sentences and a decrease in the maximum sentences for violent crimes. The measure was so extreme that even Democratic D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser vetoed it, but the far-left council subsequently overrode her action.

“Today the House took the first step to prevent two of the D.C. Council’s irresponsible and dangerous laws from going into effect,” wrote Rep. James Comer (R-KY) in response to the vote. “These misguided efforts would allow crime to run rampant and disenfranchise American citizens in our nation’s capital.”