How Corrupt And Legally Blind Has The Biden Administration Become?

It’s not a new idea that President Joe Biden has messed up this country badly. It’s not only his policies that are destroying America and the economic structure, but his foreign policy gives all the power to other countries. Biden has outsourced oil and has abandoned the idea of buying American products after saying, “When we buy American, we’ll buy from all of America. That includes communities that have historically been left out of government procurement.” Unless, of course, you donate to his campaign.

People are noticing, and Tucker Carlson noted it on his Fox News. Carlson compared Biden’s poll numbers to Gerald Ford’s in the fall of Saigon and Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

It isn’t the withdrawal from Afghanistan. It’s everything else. Biden’s cognitive decline can be attributed to many Biden’s drop in the polls because with cognitive decline comes terrible decision-making ability. If you’re not thinking clearly, you shouldn’t be sitting in the highest office in the world.

Carlson also noted that John F. Kennedy’s Bay of pigs disaster didn’t make his poll numbers drop, either. Kennedy’s poll numbers rose from 78 to 83%.

He said, “Gallop has Biden at 42% down 15 points from just a few months ago. You should know that Kamala Harris’ approval number is 28% which is right around Jeffrey Dahmer’s level.” It should be noted that 42% is one of the highest approval ratings. The lowest is Quinnipiac which sits at 36%.

Biden doesn’t want to fix the standard of living in the United States. He doesn’t seem to be interested in making things better and is actively making things worse. If Biden cared about individual citizens, he wouldn’t care as much about his policies and mandates. Biden would focus on the enormous problems rather than the minor problems. He seems to think that throwing money in people’s pockets will make things better, but it’s been proven that it won’t. Putting money in Americans’ pockets refers to the childcare tax credit and raising taxes on the rich. That won’t help people out and will only worsen things.

Then, you get into the actual problems that Americans are seeing. Carlson said, “A lot of things are happening, and one of them is inflation. Inflation is not an act of God. It’s a result of government policy. The Federal Reserve has devalued the US dollar by printing too many US dollars. Why are they printing them? To pay for more government spending. Spending that under the Biden administration is now literally out of control.”

Carlson pointed out that in 2019, there was a $6.1 trillion spending obligation, and in 2020, that rose to $10.1 trillion. Before everyone blames former President Donald Trump, you have to note that in 2020 the government paid a lot more money to the citizens because of government shutdowns because of Covid-19. It was the only time in history that should be excused. Why? Because if the government stops people from making a living, they must make up for that money. What can be done differently? The government should mind its own business.

It’s not only the government that doesn’t care. Fact-checkers at media networks and social media platforms are censoring these discussions. Left-leaning politicians are trying to do everything they can to make the right look bad. The word “conspiracy” has been tossed around lately, but the goal post moves. Plenty of conspiracy theories have been confirmed, but social media will still ban people from speaking up about it.

Biden’s administration also controls every part of your life, from Thanksgiving to putting an experimental vaccine into your body outside of the legal ability to do so. How many people get vaccinated because they felt like they had to but didn’t want to get vaccinated? Then the courts stepped in and stopped it? Jen Psaki, Joe Biden, and Nancy Pelosi said that the federal government couldn’t mandate the Covid-19 vaccine. But they did it anyway. They’re willing to step outside of the law to force Americans to do something they legally can’t make them do. It has disastrous effects, and we should note that Democrats are willing to break the law to make you comply.

This administration will be remembered as the most illegal and corrupt that the United States has ever seen. There’s no place they won’t go to make sure you follow their command. That’s the true socialist nature of the Democrat party.