How Low Can Joe Biden’s Poll Numbers Fall Before Democrats Slam On The Brakes?

Democrats are pushing new ideas almost daily. They have to be sensational and turn President Joe Biden’s administration in a different direction after they’ve seemingly messed everything up on purpose. When their ideas start to fruition, Biden pushes them as hard as he can while Americans reject the ideas.

Polling data is starting to catch up with reality. A poll was conducted by ABC/Ipsos that says, “Although a majority (55%) of the public is following news about the negotiations at least somewhat closely, about 7 in 10 (69%) Americans said they know just some or little to nothing about what’s in both bills. Fewer than half (31%) said they know a great deal or good amount.”

Why don’t they know? It could be because there are over 2500 pages.

ABC News also says, “Despite Republicans having sat on the sidelines while the White House works exclusively with congressional Democrats to get both bills to the president’s desk, the lack of knowledge extends across all parties.”

Only 47% of Democrats think the bills would help people, while 64% of Republicans think the bills would hurt people.

Biden is running low on climate change (48%) and economic recovery (48%) as well, and the other issues aren’t so hot.

ABC News said, “The president’s overall approval dips below 40% on three issues: gun violence (39%), Afghanistan (34%) and immigration and the situation at the US-Mexico border (31%).”

There are no surprises there. Gun violence can be attributed to the Democrats defunding police and calling police racists and criminals throughout 2020. The border can be fixed if Biden wanted it to. Biden placed Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of the border toward the beginning of his administration, and it’s been chaos ever since. The withdrawal from Afghanistan was a disaster because of weak leadership. The decisions made weren’t advantageous to the United States and instead provided the Taliban with a better chance at success.

When Biden pushes through these bills, it’s interesting that most people don’t know what’s in them, and most don’t support them. If the bills can’t be read in one sitting, they don’t even need to be considered. No politicians should vote on anything that Americans are blind to. A detailed outline of the bills hasn’t even been released. Democrats are almost intentionally keeping Americans in the dark about the contents of the bills, yet they keep pushing them and telling us that they’ll make everyone’s lives better.

NBC’s poll wasn’t any better. Of the respondents, 22% said that they felt the country was headed in the right direction, while 71% said that they thought the country was off on the wrong track, 42% approved of Joe Biden and 54% disapproved, and 40% approved of the economy and 57% disapproved.

The way the country is headed isn’t good. Biden’s administration is sealing the deal for Republicans for the 2022 midterm election.