Hunter Biden Drops Bombshell About The President

Despite Joe Biden being president of the United States on paper, it has long been speculated that he’s not truly running the show. Biden, himself, has given credence to these views.

More than once, the president said he’d get into “trouble” for saying too much or accepting too many questions. Many Americans wonder who, exactly, Biden could get in trouble with.

There have also been speculations about who may be really running the White House behind the scenes.

Well, as it turns out, a new audio leak of comments from Hunter Biden could very much provide some insight into these questions.

Hunter Biden on His Father
The White House will likely have a lot of damage control on its hands after the release of audio from Hunter’s infamous laptop.

In this audio, the first son all but confirms he has his father wrapped around his finger. By Hunter’s own admission, he has the power to control what the president talks about. Hunter then followed this up by saying his father has more respect for him than anyone else alive.

To this end, it is Hunter’s view that his father’s respect for him is so great that he doesn’t care about any sort of political fallout whatsoever.

This audio was made only months before Joe Biden declared his candidacy in the 2020 presidential election. Hunter’s leaked audio not only reveals a lot about his father, but also about his opinion of himself.

In the first son’s own words, he is “better than” Joe Biden and even Joe Biden would attest to this. Shortly thereafter, Hunter claims that his father’s been telling him he’s better from the time he was just two.

Hunter’s statements are in alignment with how the president himself has spoken about him. In previous interviews, Biden’s lauded Hunter as the most intelligent man he knows.

Who’s Really in Control?
For a while, it’s been speculated that former President Obama, Vice President Kamala Harris, or even some unknown staffer in the White House could be secretly controlling the president.

However, after these latest remarks from Biden’s son, a lot of people are wondering whether Hunter has more influence than was suspected.