Idaho Is Known For Potatoes, But Apparently Not Constitutional Rights

First of all, if you’re afraid to be around other human beings, then stay home and never come back out. Otherwise, vaccines, masks, hand sanitizer, every single prevention measure has holes in it where you can still get sick. Even the dirt we walk on and the air we breathe has bacteria in it and can make you sick without being around another human being.

In Idaho, Representative Fred Wood (R), the state House Health and Welfare Committee chairman, has successfully blocked the passage of several important bills in the state.
The bills would add protection to patients and citizens and help keep their information private. Fred refused to hold hearings on any of the bills.

“If you don’t like that company and you don’t like its policy, go work somewhere else. I have the right not to be infected by somebody that has a contagious disease,” said Fred.

The point is if you have the Covid-19 vaccine and the booster shot, and you’re wearing a mask, then you should have no fear of Covid-19 unless you’re willingly admitting that the Covid-19 vaccine doesn’t work.

The first bill, for example, HB 424, prohibits anyone from releasing anyone’s vaccination information. That doesn’t sound harmful at all.

Bill HB 426 prohibits discrimination based on vaccine status, and HB 428 affirms the parents’ consent for vaccines.

The most important one is HB 433, which says, “Bars any licensing board from punishing doctors for prescribing FDA-approved drugs to treat COVID and prohibits pharmacists from blocking such prescriptions.”

Pharmacies in different places have refused to fill prescriptions for people they suspect are using medications to treat Covid-19 that aren’t conventional or recommended by the FDA or the CDC. It’s a disgusting pharmaceutical practice and could be damaging to people who need the medication for other reasons. The pharmacy isn’t the doctor, and there should be little to nothing that the pharmacy can do to stop medication administration. It’s the pharmacy’s job to give the medication. Suppose you’ve done an ounce of research. In that case, you can see that the opioid epidemic is a sign that pharmacists aren’t willing to say no, so there should be no difference between that and possibly harmful results if medications aren’t prescribed.

Even if some of the bills were passed, it would be suitable for the people of Idaho.

Some bills passed in the House, including HB 429, give parents the ability to opt out of school mask mandates.

Still, Wood and others voted against HB 414, preventing employers from questioning deeply held religious beliefs.

Constitutional rights exist and shouldn’t be threatened under any circumstances in any state or any business.

There are a lot of unanswered questions about the Covid-19 vaccine efficacy as booster shots roll out. Covid-19 still spreads, and people still get sick and have to be hospitalized and even die while they’re vaccinated, so people have legitimate issues with the vaccines. Putting a blanket efficacy on the vaccine isn’t reasonable.