Illegal Immigrants Given Free Healthcare, Free Cellphones Upon Arriving in NYC

Upon arriving in New York City, illegal immigrants are being given healthcare services, free cell phones and other free goodies from the city.

Illegals are being shipped via bus to New York City and Washington, D.C., from Texas by Gov. Greg Abbott (R) in an attempt to both alleviate the pressure they are putting on border towns and to force Democrats to understand and experience the results of President Joe Biden’s reckless open border policies.

On Sunday, New York City’s hospital system held an event for arriving illegal immigrants at a hospital in the Bronx, during which the illegals were offered free healthcare services, as well as free cellphones, food, library cards, and school supplies, according to reporting by the New York Post.

This news comes as NYC Mayor Eric Adams (D) estimates that, in the past few weeks, Texas has sent more than 4,000 illegal immigrants via bus to the city.

Alongside the free goodies provided by the city, thousands of illegals are also expected to be allowed to stay in luxury hotel rooms for free across Manhattan.

According to reporting from Breitbart News last week, New York City officials were in the process of coordinating housing illegal immigrants arriving on buses from Texas in approximately 6,000 hotel rooms at a time when rent across the city has skyrocketed.

To top it all off, New York City Cardinal Timothy Dolan has announced that Catholic Charities is working to enroll illegal immigrant children in high-priced Catholic schools, while average New Yorkers are forced to send their kids to failing public schools.

Illegal immigration is a significant burden on American taxpayers, costing them billions annually. According to Breitbart, “Every year, taxpayers are billed more than $143 billion to subsidize the cost of the nation’s 11 to 22 million illegal aliens.”