Illinois May Find Themselves In New Quarantine Facilities If They Don’t Stop This Legislation

More of a push toward quarantine for the COVID-19 unvaccinated are streaming in, this time from Illinois. Representative Deb Conroy (D-IL) bill to “isolate or quarantine persons who are unable or unwilling to receive vaccines, medications, or other treatments” has an immense pushback with 12,000 witness signatures to oppose the bill.

Notice how it says unable? There’s a real push to put those who cannot get the COVID-19 vaccine into isolation when it’s not even their fault. They may or may not want the vaccine, and that part doesn’t matter. Our elected leaders are holding something against us even if we’re medically unable to comply. This type of tyranny required swift and urgent action from constituents to remove this representative from office.

To be 100% clear, if any bill, guidance, policy, or legislation includes the words “prevent or control disease,” whoever proposed and voted for the measure is trying to control you. Sickness in society is rarely containable that has such an infection rate as COVID-19 does. No government can or will stop it. It’s left to individuals to decide what’s best for their protection for themselves and their families. That’s called liberty.

The bill says that you’re given a choice for observation, and if you refuse, you’re going to be forced. Got it.

It is how we end up with an authoritarian government. Allowing the government, state or federal level, to decide for themselves if a disease is dangerously contagious or infectious and then locking you up when you don’t comply with their demands.

If you don’t believe that, then consider the possibility that this bill isn’t targeting COVID-19 at all, but whatever the government deems necessary.

It includes the state or local government of Illinois to close your place of business, make it off-limits to the public, and they note, “including non-compliant tuberculosis patients.” The bill says, “until the condition can be corrected or the danger to the public health eradicated or reduced in such a manner that no substantial danger to the public’s health any longer exists.”

Illinois would still be locked down if this was in place at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. You would still be in your homes taking government checks in exchange for your compliance.

Funny enough, the bill also includes your animals and property. The bill says, “the department may examine, test, disinfect, seize, or destroy animals or other related property believed to be sources of infection.”

Buck up, Illinois. If this doesn’t get shut down very quickly, there’s going to be more government control in your state, which will slowly but surely make its way to other states’ legislatures.