In Joe Biden’s Mind, Jobs Mean Outsourcing To China

Jobs, jobs, jobs. President Joe Biden keeps bragging about how many jobs he’s created, but did he make them? No. The Covid-19 pandemic started to end as Biden’s inauguration began. The uptick in employment is because of the economic boom since businesses were allowed to open and get up to total capacity.

Biden loves to compare his job numbers to former President Donald Trump, but Trump’s job numbers, and frankly every president before him, began under most normal circumstances. It’s not a fair comparison.

Biden’s Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm, said that when “When Joe Biden says climate change, he thinks about jobs.”

I guess Granholm forgot that electricity runs off of coal power, or at least most of it does. And even the electricity that doesn’t isn’t reliable.

More renewable energy with no concept of reliability. It’s a high expectation with the possibility of little reward. Texas is surging in renewable energy, but there are a lot of concerns, said the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

Granholm also said, “What does that mean? It means people have to go to work to expand the grid, whether it’s an electrician. We need to build solar panels and not just rely on China in supplying them. That means we’ve got to build those solar panels here. We’ve got to build the batteries for the electric vehicles, putting all these people to work.”

But, the United States isn’t going to be making the batteries. China will make most of them. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be investigating the impact of production that utilizes slave labor. Build Back Better will likely turn into “Build China Back Better,” using them for renewable energy products.

Not to mention that Biden shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline, so anytime you hear the word “jobs,” remember that it’s not actually about jobs or a self-sustaining economy. That’s 11,000 good-paying jobs that would lead the U.S. further into oil independence.