Infrastructure Bill Contains Billions For Border Crossings But $0 For Border Wall

President Biden got the government’s credit card and hasn’t stopped spending. His new $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill would include millions for furniture, technological advances, and $0 for the border wall.

What we saw with President Donald Trump is that the border wall worked. Is it the perfect option? Of course, nothing is, but what it did was provide a barrier that stopped illegal immigrants from physically coming into the United States. That would be something beneficial about now.

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) told Breitbart News, “I’m sure you’re going to see some amendments that are made to that process to that bill because we do believe that the pipeline and the border wall are shovel ready infrastructure projects.” When Biden abandoned both of the projects, America was stunned. It was a bold move to halt projects that were already funded and move on to other things. But when Biden introduced this infrastructure deal, we were sure that some mention of a wall would be included. This action shows Biden’s willingness to allow the southern border to remain a mess and not care at all.

The Democrats have a way of exposing themselves for exactly who they are. When furniture is more important than the security of our country, we have problems. If you ask anyone about the border, I’m sure they would gladly skip a table and a remodel if they could get some help stopping the illegal crossings, but Biden wants nothing to do with that. He wants the crossroads to continue. The cost of the furnishings, fittings, and equipment is anticipated to be $330 million.

Democrats know their time is limited to take action because the 2022 mid-term election will show how America feels.

Do the border crossing facilities need updates? Yeah, but you can’t put new icing on a moldy cake and call it a birthday party just like you can’t update the border facility and not strengthen border security. Money with no plan is always going to be a waste. But money and a plan will result in some good beneficial outcomes that will help this country survive and provide stable living conditions for citizens.

According to a Senate Subcommittee on Government Operation and Border Management report, the Biden administration has spent $3 million per day to guard steel, concrete, and other material that has been left due to Biden stopping the border wall. So, they’re paying for the wall not to be built? Never have I heard of a President who produces for something not to happen. And if it’s not going to happen, why are materials lying around? Wouldn’t it be advantageous to move them to a different location, or here’s another thought, finish the wall?

Walls can be climbed, but what a wall does is prevent large amounts of drugs or other illegal items from being quickly walked across the border, making it harder to move such items up and over a wall.

So I guess Kamala Harris is just going to “skip leg day” and let the infrastructure bill do the job she’s supposed to be doing? I mean, some action would be better than no action at all, and when small steps are taken, they can have an enormous impact. Even empty threats might help a little bit.