Intel Letter Lies Come Back to Haunt its Authors

The 2020 election seems like a lifetime ago. Accusations of a stolen election, COVID-19 restrictions and the invasion of Ukraine are just a few of the things that have happened since Biden was “elected” President. One story that lives on is the sordid tale of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

If you do not remember what happened (which is very unlikely), the President’s son allegedly forgot his computer at a computer repair shop. The owner of the computer store looked at the contents of the laptop and was so horrified that he turned the evidence over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The FBI then held on to the hard drive and did absolutely nothing about it.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Guliani got ahold of the laptop and promptly went public. At this point, the disinformation campaign began. Mainstream news websites either refused to cover the story or issued tweets like this NPR lie:

The Intel community attempted to cover for Hunter Biden by releasing a letter, signed by no less than 50 former intel officials, saying that the laptop was likely a Russian disinformation campaign. The New York Times, among other outlets, ran with the letter as an excuse to dismiss the laptop story.

Fast forward two years and suddenly the New York Times has changed its tune. Recently, the NYT admitted that, in fact, the Hunter laptop story was real.

Pundits have argued that the reason the mainstream media has suddenly come clean is because Hunter Biden is about to get indicted on federal charges. Some of those charges will undoubtedly be linked to his laptop.

It is not just the New York Times and former intel officials who are being haunted by past statements. Current White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has some tweets out there she wishes could be memory holed.

Currently, Psaki refuses to answer questions about the authenticated laptop because Hunter does not work for the government. This begs the question of how a compromised son can impact the President.

One thing is for certain, every day that passes, the mainstream media’s credibility continues to decline as the official narrative crumbles. Hunter Biden’s laptop may finally get the attention it deserves despite every attempt to bury it.