Is Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi Serious?

One of the most powerful elected officials can’t even tell you where Ukraine is, and she shouldn’t comment on the situation. Everyone is looking to our politicians for answers, and a large portion of them don’t know what they’re talking about.

Before quoting Pelosi, familiarize yourself with what the Ukraine region’s map looks like.

Pelosi said, “Some of the leadership of, well, if you look at the map, you see Hungary, and you see how it is surrounded by Russia, Belarus, and Crimea, which they have taken over. But, you know, it’s still a threat to Ukraine right now.”

There’s only a small border between Ukraine and Hungary, and Hungary sure doesn’t border Crimea. Folks, this is the power of term limits. There’s something to be said for an articulate and knowledgeable politician, but you do not see that on display. Every Democrat seems to think they should speak out for their 15 seconds of fame, but there are more significant issues at hand.

The Russia and Ukraine conflict is very controversial. President Joe Biden’s corrupt family ties to Ukraine and because Biden waived sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Pipeline. Nobody thought it was a good idea, and Republicans tried to block it. Now, Putin has a significant stake in the negotiations because of his control over Europe.

Now, Biden has placed sanctions back on Russia, which should have never been taken off in the first place.

Biden recently said, “As I have stated, we will not hesitate to take additional steps if Russia escalates. President Putin’s actions have provided the world with an enormous incentive to shift away from Russian gas and toward alternative types of energy.”

Biden incentivized every bit of Europe by allowing the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline to continue. What is he talking about? Did he forget that he did that?

Biden also said, “If Russia invades, which includes tanks or troops crossing the Ukrainian border again, there will be no Nord Stream 2.”

There shouldn’t have been one in the first place.

It is more than a failure. Biden’s deliberate move allowed this to happen. It has been planned out since Biden was elected President, and the plans were likely in the works well before then. Putin is very calculated, and he knew that Biden is weak and would almost allow this to happen.

Interestingly enough, Putin didn’t have a Nord Stream 2 before Biden was elected. It’s been less than a year since sanctions were waived, and it isn’t easy to take something away that someone didn’t have. That’s why sanctions on Nord Stream 2 are useless. Good try, though. Biden will give it back soon.