ISIS Launches a Deadly Attack on Nigerian Churches

Several Nigerian churches have increased their security measures as deadly ISIS attacks terrorize their communities.

Catholic and Christian churches in the southwestern region of Nigeria were brutally attacked in June by the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP).

Voices of America reported on the matter, saying the threat of terrorism seems to be spreading, and Nigerians have to take more measures to protect their churches.

“Nigerian churches are introducing armed security and entry searches after a deadly June 5 attack on a Catholic church blamed on the Islamic State in West Africa Province (ISWAP). Security experts fear the attack in Nigeria’s southwest Ondo state means the threat of terrorism is spreading and could soon reach the capital,” VOA reported.

On June 5, terrorists with guns entered St. Francis Catholic Church, where worshippers were joining for a Sunday morning mass. AK-47 rifles were used to shoot attendees and multiple explosives devices were set off.

Tragically, 127 people were injured in some matter by the terrorists and 40 have died so far. As of June 9, 61 were still hospitalized and 26 had been well enough to be discharged, according to Reuters.

The country’s federal government suspected ISWAP was responsible for the nightmarish attack.

“We have been able to see the footprint of ISWAP in the horrendous attack in Owo and we are after them. Our security agencies are on their trail and we will bring them to justice,” Nigerian Interior Minister Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola said.

President Joe Biden has gone down in history for his disastrous pull out of Afghanistan, which allowed ISIS to gain control and become increasingly influential. On August 15, 2021, the Taliban quickly seized control of Kabul, the Afghan capital, after Biden withdrew troops against expert advice. This allowed ISIS to get a footing and swiftly grow and wreak terror.

In contrast to the Trump administration, when Trump was able to remove powerful terrorist leaders and made significant progress in helping Middle East tension.

The ISWAP has been terrorizing Nigerians for decades and was known as the Boko Haram before changing its name in 2015 and pledging allegiance to ISIS. As religious persecution increases in Nigeria, more security measures for houses of worship certainly seem necessary.