It’s All Falling Apart For Biden And Democratic Leadership In D.C.

Where is the authentic Democrat leadership in the United States? We were given the impression that President Joe Biden and his administration of leftist superstars would unite the country.  

Instead, we have the top Democrats distancing themselves from Biden and everything he’s pushing forward, at least all of the Democrats that see what’s coming and can’t go along with the disaster of an administration that Biden has created.  

Vice President Kamala Harris wants nothing to do with Biden and hasn’t appeared in the United States. She went to Vietnam and Saigon and addressed them but seems far from the spotlight in her own country.  

Biden has encouraged government agencies to do his bidding and snaked around the Constitution and federal law to ensure his agendas are followed through. The small business sector in this country is being hit the hardest after the Covid-19 pandemic that shut down hundreds of thousands of businesses already.  

We can learn from former President Donald Trump that even though he may have been disliked, he was at the forefront of his presidency and his administration. He took responsibility and made sure to answer the questions the American people had, regardless of how “fake news” spun the answers.  

Biden’s $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill is losing steam as it enters the final stages of approval because his party is going against it. The bill would give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants and put restrictions on vehicle manufactures while taxing citizens for the miles that they drive. It doesn’t seem like it should be a popular plan, and if history repeats itself, Congress, Senate, and the White House may be exempt if it even passes at all. 

The federal government isn’t meant to be a ruling class of people. The federal government is there for oversight when States issues aren’t working or if issues need to be nationwide. The 10th amendment was created just for that. Biden can’t mandate many things that he’s proposed, so he’s used the Center for Disease Control to push forward the eviction moratorium and OSHA to mandate vaccines for businesses with 100 or more employees. Ninety-nine employees and nothing changes, but add one more, and it’s a problem. OSHA doesn’t even believe they can force this through, and the Supreme Court is almost certainly going to strike it down. That will be the 3rd time the Supreme Court has intervened in the short nine months Biden has been president. If people can’t get the picture that Biden doesn’t care about the law, they need to take a second look at what he’s done.  

Now, the debt ceiling is fractured, which means the United States is running out of money. A $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill would push the limits of the government and its ability to pay its bills which would land directly on the Democrat party. 

Mitch McConnell said, “The debt ceiling will be raised as it always should be, but it will be raised by the Democrats,” which he went on to say that the fault would be on the Democrats. Doesn’t that counteract itself? McConnell wants the debt limit raised but wants someone to be blamed? That sounds like a scapegoat scenario.  

Why doesn’t the United States stop spending money? Both parties push the boundaries and limitations of debt to devastating degrees, and the taxpayers bear the burden.  

Democrats are demanding that the infrastructure bill be voted on first before the budget reconciliation. What they’re doing is forcing the infrastructure bill into the budget, but it’s not going to fly. More Democrats are going against it, and most aren’t answering if they support it or not.