‘It’s Not Cute’: Minnie Mouse Try-On One Of Hillary Clinton’s Pantsuits

While Minnie Mouse might not share the same infidelity issues as Hillary Clinton because Mickey’s probably not having sensual relations with his secretary, they now share the same pants suit. This move is likely a chance for Disney to compare Clinton’s attributes ahead of the 2024 presidential election, including Clinton.

Not many people want Clinton in the White House, and her failed presidential run showed that fact. Just looking at Clinton’s shady past and the Steele Dossier shouldn’t make anyone comfortable with her having any political power whatsoever. It was all fabricated. Even National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan is tied in.

Candace Owens couldn’t let the wardrobe change go unnoticed, and thankfully she’s willing to comment on ridiculous leftist things. Disney is trying to make a more gender-neutral Minnie Mouse, and it’s funny.

Owens said, “This is why these folks are not taken seriously. They’re taking everything that hasn’t offended anyone. It’s as if they feel compelled to get rid of and destroy them because they’re bored. They’re bored, you know.”

They are bored. It’s a programmatic attempt to age out women when they get older. They believe that they aren’t as desired and shouldn’t be considered anymore. Don’t believe it? Why would they make Minnie Mouse less endowed with “intercourse” but make the Cuties movie where young girls danced provocatively? What would be the point of that?

The idea is for strong women to get ahead, and Minnie Mouse leads the charge. But, for so many feminists to argue that women are the same as men, do they need a mascot to lead the way? Women are meant to be tough and self-sufficient, not drooling over a pants suit that would help them advance in life.

Sure, Disney can do whatever they want to. Nobody’s arguing against that. But, to suggest that the new Minnie Mouse shouldn’t cause a certain amount of outrage is a little bit unreasonable. Minnie Mouse isn’t supposed to be Barbie who holds every job and outfit out there. Barbie was feminine and did everything well. Minnie Mouse is the foundation of Mickey’s life. She holds him down and provides a stable environment. The day Minnie Mouse has to put on a pants suit and get out into the workforce is when Disney’s flagship cartoon is done. Minnie Mouse represents every stay-at-home mom, every provider, every mother, and woman who wants to provide for her family at home. Taking that away is equivalent to taking spinach away from Popeye.