Jake Sullivan Is A Paperweight In Politics, Not A National Security Success

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has failed at his job. The withdrawal of Afghanistan was a disaster, and tagging the southern border crisis into the mix gives you a bigger picture of just how wrong Sullivan is at protecting the United States.

You can count on Sullivan’s exercise’s hazardous levels of sleep deprivation as part of the decisions made during the withdrawal from Afghanistan. According to the Times, Sullivan “operated on an average of two hours of sleep per night for the duration of the three-week crisis in Afghanistan in August” and would “mull over each long day during late-night walks home from the White House” and “often continue his meditations at home on a rowing machine.” Keep in mind that lives were lost because of decisions that were made. The hasty withdrawal could have very well resulted from Sullivan’s lack of personal health and prioritization of strategy.

Sullivan is the perfect example of a paperweight politician. That means that his resume on paper is worth much more than his actual job performance. Sullivan went to Yale, Oxford, and then to Yale to complete law school. What does that mean? Nothing. If college isn’t backed by good job performance, the degree isn’t an accomplishment. It’s a waste of money.

Sullivan has been implicated in the 2016 Hilary Clinton campaign “Russian Collusion” investigation. The Steele Dossier was a massive part of former President Donald Trump’s campaign as many speculated that Trump was in bed with Russia to win the 2016 election. It turns out that Sullivan was closer to the source of the rumors than initially expected.

Fox News reported that an unknown Clinton campaign lawyer “exchanged emails with the Clinton Campaign’s campaign manager, communications director, and foreign policy advisor Jake Sullivan concerning the Russian Bank-1 allegations that Michael Sussman had recently shared.”

That means that Sullivan was connected to the lie, and it calls into question his ability to be the National Security Advisor in the Biden administration.

All in all, questions of Sullivan’s intent to do the right thing and interpret information as accurate or inaccurate seem off. It looks like he’s not a good pick for any political office with everything else he’s been into.