January 6 Hearings Not Enough to Distract Americans from Biden’s Failures

As the January 6 hearings continue this week, ratings continue to slump while Joe Biden’s poll numbers continue to fall to record lows.

If Democrats were hoping for Americans to watch the hearings and get a resultant bump in the polls, their plan did not work. The hearings are barely coming in at 10 million viewers for the second session and those numbers are only expected to fall this week.

Voters cite inflation as the biggest concern for the country, as gas and food prices continue to rise.

One of the reasons that many voters are not taking the hearings seriously is the appearance of blatant partisanship. In an interview with Breitbart, current candidate for Senate, Eric Greitens, claims that the left is increasing the volume on the January 6 hearings to cover up for Biden’s failures on the border.

Greitens makes the point that the hearings have been constructed to attack Former President Donald Trump and his allies. This is undoubtedly true. There was an interesting development this weekend that added a wrinkle to the proceedings, however.

A production team for the Colbert Show was arrested inside the Capitol for attempting to film a comedy segment. They were unescorted and did not have the proper passes or paperwork to lawfully be on the grounds. The left has spent months shouting about the sanctity of the Capitol — there are still defendants in federal prison charged with trespassing that have yet to have a trial.

Regardless of the outcome, after the hearings are over Americans will likely still be struggling at the pump and at the grocery store when the November elections come.