Jean-Pierre Glibly Makes Questionable Statement

The White House’s continuing willingness to openly lie about easily checked facts went up a notch on Wednesday, as press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre almost smirked when she falsely claimed that Joe Biden had visited America’s southern border as president.

The topic came up in Wednesday’s White House press briefing after House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) gave remarks on Tuesday about Biden’s border crisis. McCarthy said that the border is not “secure,” but is in fact an ongoing disaster zone. He invited Biden to travel to the border to see for himself what his policies are doing to the country.

Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked Jean-Pierre on Wednesday if Biden was planning to take McCarthy up on his offer, especially given the fact that the president has “never been down to the border.”

The press secretary interjected quickly with: “He’s been there. He’s been to the border.”

Obviously knowing that statement was absolutely untrue, Doocy shot back, “When did he go to the border?”

Jean-Pierre ignored the follow-up question and continued to roll through her standard talking points about the ongoing border crisis. She went into the standard platitudes about how Biden is “taking action” and meaningless generalities.

It even appeared that she almost laughed at the situation, as it was clear she had told an enormous and obvious lie but had decided to just “go with it.” Of course, the true fault for not correcting the falsehood lies with the media for accepting it uncritically.

Jean-Pierre likely finds nothing morally wrong with simply repeating the same lies that Biden himself has given in his rambling, bumbling style in the past. After all, the president has said he’s “been there before” when discussing the border, knowing full well the statement was misleading and untrue.

One media figure with first-hand knowledge and who speaks with authority about the border crisis is Fox’s Bill Melugin, who had the journalistic integrity to call Jean-Pierre out on her lie.

He posted a tweet Wednesday afternoon that said: “This is not true. President Biden has never visited the border in his entire political career. He drove past the border in the El Paso, TX area while on the campaign trail in 2008.”

Unfortunately, ordinary Americans continue to pay the price for the open-borders fiasco while Washington officials laugh in their faces about it.