Jen Psaki Explains That ‘Biden Admin Would Love To Keep Gas Prices Low,’ But It’s Just This Damn ‘Climate Crisis’

While Americans suffer, President Joe Biden’s administration is continuing their plans to go green. Does Biden not understand that Americans just came out of a pandemic where many people weren’t allowed to go to work? On top of that, unemployment benefits ended just in time for the Covid-19 vaccine mandates to begin.

Fuel prices across the country are rising at record rates. Under $2 a gallon is out the window since Biden took office, and with their new go green attitude, it makes you wonder if it’s on purpose.

Biden’s trillions of dollars of spending will include electric vehicle production mandates by 2030 to push every American to use coal-powered vehicles rather than gas-powered ones. The move may not even be better for pollution standards. Where it stands, electric vehicles are a little better than gas or diesel-powered vehicles. Still, people forget that if you throw millions of vehicles into the public that require electricity, all you’re doing is exchanging gas and diesel emissions with coal-powered emissions because of how much harder coal plants will have to work.

According to Biden, climate change is the greatest threat to national security. Don’t worry about the Taliban, China, Russia, the southern border, or any other disaster Biden has made, and it’s climate change. The words have been spoken for far too long. Biden has to get his head out of his ass and realize that he has to help the American people before pushing these agendas, but if you examine it closer, you see that he’s doing it on purpose.

Biden wants every American to get the Covid-19 vaccine. If you don’t, then you don’t work, and in some places, you can’t go out to eat, go to the gym, or enjoy a lot of extracurricular activities that are available to the “vaccinated class.” On top of that, fuel prices have risen, and supply chains are being disrupted, massive spending bills that will place a mileage tax on vehicles at $.08 a mile and cost Americans a lot in taxes. It’s all on purpose.

Everyone can meet in the middle on these issues, and if Biden cared about the climate, he would make American oil independent. Importing oil causes pollution to go way up. Not only do other countries not share the same regulations, but shipping is also an issue. Biden decided to stop the Keystone XL pipeline as soon as he got in office but let Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline continue. What a significant tradeoff. Now, the United Kingdom has its fuel supply turned down in anticipation of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline opening, causing another supply and demand issue.

When prices rise, these extra costs end up in the consumer’s hands to make up for higher tax and production costs. So, when Biden says that he won’t raise taxes on Americans, not only is he lying, but he’s making you believe that you won’t have to pay more.

In all reality, Biden is raising taxes on Americans. Sales tax will be charged with higher prices of goods when “the rich” raise prices of commodities. The rise in prices causes revenue to rise to keep the same salary for the top earners in companies, and that extra revenue is taxed at an enormous amount according to Biden’s new tax plan. So, yes, Biden is technically raising taxes on everyone, but he doesn’t have to phrase it that way. He can divert the answer by assuring Americans that their taxes won’t be raised individually.