Jen Psaki Makes It WORSE After Peter Doocy Asks Why Biden Jokes About Americans Stranded In Afghanistan

“What would you do if Americans were still in Afghanistan after the deadline?” a reporter asked Biden. Biden smirked and said, “You’ll be the first one I’ll call,” but the microphone was muted.

Lack of empathy allows weakness to shine. President Joe Biden has placed himself in a position where he can’t back off of his original directives, and everyone knows his demands are deteriorating in front of our eyes. Biden doubles down on his assurance that the Afghanistan withdrawal is strategically effective and safe to show his strength.

Peter Doocy with Fox News asked about the incident when Press Secretary Jen Psaki held a press conference several hours later.

Doocy asked, “At the tail end of the President’s remarks today about cybersecurity, he was asked about Afghanistan, and he made a joke.”

Psaki interrupted and said, “I think Peter asked him that question.”

Doocy responded, “The other Peter did, and he made a joke. So, what’s so funny?”

As Psaki was paraphrasing the question, Doocy talked over her saying, “It’s very important to a lot of people watching.”

Psaki went on about coordination with the Taliban, and contingencies are based on the August 21st deadline. Still, the vital thing to note from Psaki’s response is that we don’t owe the Taliban anything.

The Taliban took over Afghanistan, an illegitimate governmental power, and began giving the United States and other allied countries orders. Biden has taken those orders and is directing the U.S. military to abide by them. It oversteps Biden’s original promise to remove all U.S. military by September 11th, 2021. The Taliban knew the plan, and so did the Taliban. The Taliban doesn’t get to tell the United States what they’re going to do. It should be the other way around.

When Doocy asked about the United States’ policy of not negotiating with terrorists, Psaki gave a shocking admittance that yes, it’s still the policy. Still, the Taliban controls much of the country, and the U.S. military is focused on getting Americans out of Afghanistan.

If that were the case, more time would be given. There’s no excuse for leaving Americans behind to satisfy the Taliban. If evacuations aren’t completed, Americans will die. They’ll be executed in the street, or they’ll be imprisoned and tortured.

Psaki and Biden are covering for themselves, and Vice President Kamala Harris is eerily quiet about Afghanistan while she galivants through Saigon and Vietnam.

No hearings were given, and the decision landed directly on Biden for the Afghanistan situation deteriorating. Biden had to have known what

So, the question remains. What is so funny?