Jen Psaki Thinks That We’re Living In An “Alternate Universe”

“Soft on Crime” policies is why we’re in our position as a nation. Criminals often consider the repercussions of their actions before making them and sometimes know the law and consequences better than the police.

Democrats love a soft-on-crime approach, and they love to tell you about it and mock others for suggesting there should be punishment at all, and some even suggest prisons shouldn’t exist.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki is one of the Democrats.

Psaki was on a podcast-type program and noted that CNN was speaking about troops on standby, MSNBC was talking about the same, CNBC was talking about the stocks, and Fox News was talking about soft on crime approaches and what that means for crime rates. Psaki chuckled and said, “What does that even mean?”

She also said, “There’s an alternate universe on some, uh, coverage. What’s scary about it is that a lot of people watch it.”

It’s essential to know the facts, Jen. Before considering an approach, consequences have to be at the forefront of your mind. If you don’t take people to jail, they will keep committing crimes. It’s called ‘accountability.’ The same should go for politicians who lie.

While trains are being looted and murder rates are rising, Psaki thinks that a soft approach is necessary for the United States to succeed and overcome these spikes.

Psaki couldn’t be further from the truth. Some would still be alive if the federal government had done its job. An illegal alien in Florida who claimed to be an unaccompanied minor stabbed a man to death after being released into the country. The man would have never had that opportunity if the feds hadn’t removed previous measures to secure the southern border.

A large rap sheet killed a woman at a furniture store. The woman worked in the store alone and even sent texts to friends saying she was uncomfortable with the man’s presence.

These are perfect examples of people who slipped through the cracks and caused mayhem across the country. It doesn’t come down to law enforcement. It comes down to local judges and district attorneys who allow criminals to take plea deals and lose accountability for their actions.

What does this say to the upcoming generation? That it’s okay to burn down buildings when you don’t get your way? That it’s okay to loot trains for thousands of dollars just because you can? This country can turn around, but it will take effort and responsibility on every level of government, and we do not see that. Elected officials depend on the votes of those they refuse to hold accountable to continue to stay in power. If they stood up for law-abiding citizens in their communities, the world would be better.