Jen Psaki Tries to Spin Free Cell Phones for Illegal Immigrants

There has been an unprecedented surge of illegal immigrants since President Biden took office. There were 2 million migrant encounters at the border in 2021, and that pace is expected to repeat itself in 2022.

There are news stories circulating that the Biden administration is giving smartphones to illegal immigrants before releasing them. Jen Psaki confirmed the report this week, but gave an unusual answer as to why they were getting the free smartphones.

Practically no one believes Psaki’s rationale for the smartphone giveaway, that it is so migrants can be tracked and stayed connected with for their immigration hearings. The administration has zero credibility when it comes to the border. Vice President Kamala Harris who was tasked with solving the border crisis has all but abandoned that mission. President Biden announced on April 1 that he is ending the Title 42 expulsion program which will result in a gigantic wave of immigration in May. This new surge of immigration will most certainly make a dire problem even worse. Regardless of what they say, it is the obvious policy of the Democrats to let in as many illegal aliens as possible as fast as possible.

Even if one were to take Psaki at her word, which is a dubious thing to do, her stated aims for the phone program are demonstrably ineffective with about three minutes of critical thinking.

It is more likely that immigrants will just use the phone until it is time for their hearing, which in some cases is a year or more away, and then dispose of the phone. They are useless as an enforcement mechanism. It is a bad look for the President when Americans are struggling with inflation the worst it has been in 40 years and climbing gas prices.

Wages are not keeping up with the increase in costs and people are starting to get desperate. The administration is more concerned with giving free stuff to non-citizens than it is with solving the problems here at home. It is stories like this that all but guarantee that the Democrats are going to get crushed in the midterms.