Jill Biden ‘Interfered’ In The Withdrawal From Afghanistan

President Joe Biden knows that the withdrawal from Afghanistan was a disaster and is trying to clean up his mess by releasing billions for humanitarian efforts and September 11 victims. Does that sound like it’s a good idea? The Taliban, a terrorist organization, controls Afghanistan, and Biden wants to send them billions of dollars? They already have billions of military equipment that the US left behind. What more could they ask for?

Yes, the people of Afghanistan are essential. Their lives matter just as much as anyone else’s. But, there’s no proof that the Taliban will use any of the funds to help their people. The Taliban doesn’t know how to run a government. Their requests for global acknowledgment of being an actual operating country are falling short with their inability to lead their people without killing them. That seems to be how they rule, but it’s not surprising. That doesn’t justify US forces being in the country or funds being funneled into the country.

First Lady Jill Biden had some interference in the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

It puts more strain on Joe’s comments about a military report where he rejected the conclusion that the withdrawal was messy. Biden said, “I am rejecting them,” when asked about the report.

It wasn’t only Jill, but Pope Francis as well.

Rear Admiral Peter Vasely said that there were high profile requests while the withdrawal was ongoing, and it caused a “distraction” and “created competition for already stressed resources.”

It goes well into the claim that the withdrawal was rushed and there was no plan. Once military operations are underway, not unelected, or better yet uninvolved, a party should dictate any of the actions taken by the military. Jill has no experience within military operations and has no real-world plans or suggestions to contribute.

It’s like a vacation that’s planned. Once you pack the car and start heading down the road, are you supposed to turn around after 1.5 hours of driving because your wife left her hairdryer? Wouldn’t that hinder the entire family from enjoying their vacation and waste unnecessary resources?

It’s not clear what these requests from Jill were, but what’s for sure is that her involvement didn’t help. If it did, then the White House should release the efforts made and accomplishments that Jill could gain from her input. The prediction is that she did nothing but muddy the already unprepared withdrawal.

The other question is, did Melania Trump contribute to the plans when former President Donald Trump? Would the media let that go unnoticed? There would be a probe into the entire Administration, and there’s a good possibility there would be more impeachment hearings.

So, who’s really in charge here? Who’s going to make sure the country is taken care of while we’re entering into another possible foreign conflict in Ukraine? Did Jill write the ops plan?