Jill Biden Panned For Stereotyping Hispanic Americans

Since the Biden administration’s rise to power, it’s struggled with messaging in various capacities. The White House routinely has to walk back and then contradict the president when he makes statements that are inaccurate, off-cuff, or even dangerous.

Issues with messaging have also been made apparent as various Americans say the information the White House is putting out just isn’t accurate.

Weeks ago, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said the administration’s doing well at handling the southern border. Yet, drug trafficking and unlawful border crossings remain rampant.

Now, the latest messaging error comes from none other than first lady Jill Biden. Biden recently traveled to Texas for a speaking engagement. Yet, the entire thing went amiss not long after the first lady’s remarks began.

Not a Compliment
When the first lady gave her speech during the conference for “LatinX IncluXion,” she began talking about the diversity of Hispanic Americans.

According to Biden, the Hispanic community’s uniqueness is on par with “breakfast tacos” found in San Antonio. Not long afterward, the first lady claimed this uniqueness is the “strength” of the Hispanic community.

This comparison of Hispanics to breakfast tacos can be seen as a double whammy, given the fact that Biden spoke at an event with “LatinX” in the title.

Democrats’ use of “LatinX” to refer to Hispanics and Latinos has also been widely criticized as cringeworthy and pandering. Nevertheless, Democrats have yet to drop this moniker.

Clearly, when Biden spoke, she meant for the “breakfast tacos” remark to come off as a compliment. Yet, she severely missed the mark.

The first lady has since faced massive criticism from both the Hispanic community and others.

Reactions From the Hispanic Community
The National Association of Hispanic Journalists released a statement, letting the first lady know what they really thought of her remarks.

Both Jill Biden and the Biden administration at large were called upon to get a better understanding of the Hispanic community and what it stands for.

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists explained that an understanding of this nature means looking into the heritage and culture of Hispanic people as a whole.

Referring to Hispanics as “breakfast tacos” remains widely condemned by multiple Hispanic organizations and individuals.