Jill Biden Steps In To Save A Confused, Meandering Joe Biden At White House Event

First Lady Jill Biden might be the worst individual in President Joe Biden’s administration. Her inability to direct Biden in resigning over cognitive decline issues is baffling and should be noted for any future political endeavor that she may engage in. The doctor must know nothing about medical care while she keeps Biden in his spot as leader of the free world, making the United States an embarrassment for every citizen.

Before getting into Biden’s cognitive issues and Jill Biden’s incredible ability to cover for him, it’s worth noting that the Biden administration is so fixed on school and school boards that they seem to have taken notes from China’s playbook and are trying to indoctrinate school children with nonsense leftist agendas as they’ve already done in colleges across the United States.

Twitter users noticed Biden’s incredibly heinous behavior while he tried to make a joke over loud music at a recent White House event. The event was at the White House while Jill Biden hosted the 2021 Teachers of the Year ceremony.

Biden was passing by a microphone at the podium while a band was playing music. He said, ”I’ll tell you what, I’d like to learn it” while Jill was trying to pull him in the direction he was already headed, and a Secret Service member turned back toward the podium like he was confused by who was talking. That particular comment didn’t seem to be on the itinerary. After, he mumbles something that sounds like, “Is it still not my time to go?” Then he waves to the crowd, and it seems nobody notices.

Jill can’t expect to keep this up forever. Biden isn’t capable of attending an event, much less leading the world.

The best Twitter comment has to be:

The big thing to focus on would be the President of the United States’ mental capacity. The same guy messed up the withdrawal from Afghanistan and left hundreds of thousands of Americans stranded, which led to the death of 13 service members. The man in charge of the southern border of the U.S. shouldn’t be acting like this. He should be honorable, not weak.

While Biden was at the podium, the Secret Service also scrambled to ensure the safety of the immediate area. It tells you that it was unscripted, and nobody knew it was coming. When is the 25th amendment going to be enacted because of Biden’s cognitive decline?

Biden isn’t with us. His mental capabilities are shot, and he shouldn’t hold any position of power. His service in politics is over, and his influence should be as well.