Job Numbers Aren’t Great And Psaki Explained Why… Omicron?

Employment has expanded since the beginning of 2021 but states allowing businesses to conduct themselves as they did before COVID-19 have also gone up. It’s natural to assume that a significant increase in job creation means that the president is doing well, but this is not the case.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported, “Employment in leisure and hospitality expanded by 151,000 in January, reflecting job gains in food services and drinking places.” That comes down to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate being shut down allowing people to find employment if they were previously fired. It just so happens that the month of increase coincides with the month in which Biden was shut down.

BLS also reported that “professional and business services added 86,000 jobs” and “retail trade employment rose by 61,000 in January.”

Given that 37%, 2.4 million, of total unemployed Americans have been unemployed for five weeks means that Biden’s Administration is doing terribly with job numbers. Jobs being created don’t match the number of unemployed Americans. That’s not a good thing.

Inflation can be attributed to the job situation as well. With prices rising, it’s much more difficult for businesses to hire and keep the same employees as before. It’s a plague of economic concern hitting every business, small or large.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki seemed fearful of the upcoming report and said, “Because Omicron was so contagious, about nine million individuals phoned in sick in early January, when the jobs data was being collected. The survey was led during the peak of the Omicron spoke, which occurred on January 12th.”

Was Omicron the fault of job numbers?

Psaki continued to explain that “because workers were out sick from Omicron at the point when it was peaking, during the period, when the week, where the data was taken.”

Poor economic practice from an Administration that doesn’t understand sick days.

Does that mean that Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg wasn’t employed by the federal government when he went on paternity leave? Of course not. Just as Buttigieg was employed during his time off, other employees were employed when they caught Omicron.

The federal government must either develop a better justification or be honest. If they were honest about the numbers, they would gain a lot more respect from everyone as a whole and wouldn’t be hit with so much scrutiny.