Joe Biden Announces How Many Nuclear Missiles America Has

After the withdrawal from Afghanistan and how disastrous that was and removing sanctions of Vladimir Putin for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, President Joe Biden takes it a bit further. By a bit, it’s more like a long shot and told the world.

If anyone had any question about President Joe Biden’s mental capabilities, they could be curious no longer. The secrets of the United States military capabilities should be best kept with those who can, you know, keep them a secret. The information about nuclear weapons and how many the U.S. has needed some security clearance. You would think the first question in the security clearance questionnaire would be, “Are you going to tell the whole world?” If you answer yes, then the test ends, and you’re escorted out.

Former President Donald Trump has nothing on this slip by Biden. Where’s General Mark Milley when you need him? He could redeem himself if he made moves to get Biden out of the White House and into the nursing home.

If anyone is curious, the number is over 3,700. The cat’s out of the bag.

Maybe Biden and the State Department want to flex on China if they’re going to invade Taiwan, or maybe Biden’s just incompetent. Trump put a stop to releasing the number of nuclear warheads, and that was a good thing. Not only did the U.S. feel safer under Trump, but military capabilities aren’t exactly something the world should know. If it’s needed to disclose the information to our allies, that’s one thing, but it should be a secret.

The treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons from the United Nations was implemented to achieve nuclear disarmament. Still, with North Korea, China, Russia, and many other countries ramping up their nuclear programs, the world has to keep others at bay. There won’t be a world without atomic technology advancement anytime soon unless Biden goes off the rails and stops it. The U.S. should be concerned about that. The State Department said that it was in the best interest of the treaty to release the numbers, but is it?

According to the Non-Profit Nuclear Threat Initiative, Russia has more than 6,000 nuclear warheads in its arsenal. But thank God Biden banned ammunition imports from Russia. We almost had a disaster on our hands.

The NPNTI said that China has around 320 in their hands, but if Biden doesn’t show force in Taiwan and defend them, that number may go down since China is currently using air intimidation tactics on Taiwan. China isn’t very transparent about its numbers, so who knows how many they have and what technology they produce.

After China flew hundreds of planes near Taiwan, Biden had to be on his game with his pre-war tactics. Milley isn’t the most helpful General available, and his removal from office should be immediate. The entire world relies on the U.S. to step up and get their stuff together because if they don’t, disaster could be right around the corner.