Joe Biden BLANKS During Speech – His Notecards Couldn’t Even Save Him!

President Joe Biden continues to botch his remarks. In Queens, New York, Biden went to lecture about climate change and how hurricanes and tornadoes are the product of irresponsible Americans, as he shook his finger at SUV owners, not literally, but he could have.

If you aren’t aware, hurricanes and tornadoes have been happening for hundreds of years. Natural disasters are caused by warm air over water rising and forming clouds that spiral and develop the weather system known as hurricanes. Similarly, tornadoes are formed when warm air and cold air meet and cause the clouds to spiral out of control. Can we agree this isn’t new?

Of course, when Biden talks about climate change and hurricanes that have hit the United States, he can’t help but warn you that the best thing you can do to prepare is to get vaccinated. Is he serious? When winds are blowing at 120 miles per hour, and rain is pelting you in the face, you’re going to wish you got that Covid-19 vaccine! But forget about your house or livelihood. Your vaccine card is all you’ll need to ride out the storm.

“We’re now living in real-time what the country is going to look like, and if you don’t do something, we can’t turn it back very much, but we can prevent it from getting worse.” What thoughtful words from President Joe Biden. We’re living through what the country would look like because we see it. That doesn’t mean it’s bad or good. It means that you know the country in real-time and mentally process what it is. That’s not a revolutionary thought with profound meaning behind it. Biden is simply stating a fact.

Biden also noted that Nevada is in the country’s middle, and their crops have been hit hard. According to the National Weather Service, Nevada hasn’t seen a twister since 2004. Is that better or worse for Biden’s messaging? I think what Biden meant was Nebraska.

But Biden continues to tell us that you can’t argue with science and data. He means you can’t argue with anything he says, which usually sounds like a bunch of bumbling nothings coming out of his mouth until he remembers that he can revert to telling you to get the Covid-19 vaccine that everything is former President Trump’s fault.