Joe Biden Delivers Astonishingly ‘Insensitive’ And ‘Insulting’ Remarks At 9/11 Memorial

Our President, Joe Biden, doesn’t care about tragedy, and the more he talks, the more it’s painfully evident that he uses horrific events to his advantage. Just like Biden used the Covid-19 pandemic as a campaign advantage, he’s using the 9/11 tragedy to his advantage as well. Biden has been ramping up his “domestic extremist” talking points over the last several months in preparation for fellow politicians to compare the Taliban, 9/11 terrorist attacks, and many other incidents to compare them to the perceived domestic extremists that the White House wants to take down.

Biden didn’t give a great speech on 9/11 because his live speeches have been incoherent or angry. With his dropping poll numbers, his staff members wouldn’t want Biden to angrily or incoherently go off on a tangent about Republicans, Trump, or the unvaccinated. As the leader of the United States, you would think he would be headlining the commemorations, but Trump did that for him.

When Biden spoke to a reporter, he said that 70% of people wanted the U.S. to get out of Afghanistan, which is true. But Biden went on to explain how difficult it is to get out and, of course, ended with “come on.”

George W. Bush horrifically commemorated the 9/11 tragedy by blaming domestic terrorism and extremism for all of America’s problems. Still, he forgets that he was in a portrait at Jeffrey Epstein’s Island playing with toys on the ground. Bush isn’t a staple public figure for morality.

Biden also said that Al-Qaeda was still active in other places and what is the U.S. going to do, invade everywhere that Al-Qaeda’s operating from? Does Biden have no self-awareness, or is he intentionally downplaying Al Qaeda’s planning and execution of 9/11?

Biden’s actions and words paint a real story that terrorist organizations aren’t a big deal while he paints patriotic Americans with a broad brush of “domestic extremists.” Americans would defend and die for this country if they had to, and Biden is mocking them in press conferences and to the media. 99% of patriotic Americans are everyday citizens who work hard and obey laws, and the 1% are White nationalists and White supremacists. But if Biden were honest about that, he wouldn’t be able to turn Americans on each other.

Biden also noted that if a C-130 were to land in Tajikistan, people would be hanging off of the wheel wells but didn’t seem to realize the devastation of the comment he made. That situation just happened in Afghanistan, unless Biden forgot.

Biden’s recent “off the cuff” remarks to reporters tell the story of who he is as a person. His comments have been insensitive and dictator-like when he’s referenced Republicans and Trump supporters. He doesn’t speak in a way that would unite people to his plan, and he talks down to them as if they’re below him and the left.

I guess Biden didn’t get his ice cream that day. His gold stars were ripped from his “daily achievement” board, and Jill Biden had to put him in time-out. Seriously though, this type of behavior isn’t presidential. It’s not even at the same level as any other politician. It’s disgraceful and not a positive representation of the United States.