Joe Biden Draining Food Banks Nationwide

In Joe Biden’s America, purchasing food is becoming a bigger and bigger stretch. The first sign of this presented itself amid reports of Americans trading in grocery store trips for dollar store runs. Food prices have followed the rest of goods that are astronomically increasing in price.

Amid all of this, the president is not only fueling this crisis, but also he’s denying its existence. Biden won’t be honest with the country about continuous inflation causing more and more Americans to be priced out of the job market.

Within the past few weeks, the president’s engaged in several swanky events with his fellow elites. Meanwhile, food banks across the nation are draining, thanks to the policies Biden enacted.

On the Brink of Starvation?
Food banks are not immune to the inflation created by the Biden administration. This means that it costs more for them to stock their shelves and keep up with the growing amounts of people who require food bank services.

Sadly, it’s becoming more and more common for food banks to have to turn away some needy folks, due to hitting their maximum bandwidth.

If things continue as they have been, food banks won’t have the resources to help anyone. Meanwhile, with Americans getting laid off from their jobs, struggling to find childcare, and seeing their interest rates soar, affording food will continue to be more difficult.

Months ago, the president warned of possible food shortages. Sadly, this prediction is coming to fruition at a rate that’s terrifying.

Radio Silence From the Biden Administration
The White House has yet to make any public comments regarding the nationwide emergency of strained food banks.

However, this administration has continued to praise disastrous spending laws (like the Inflation Reduction Act and American Rescue Plan) that are putting a stranglehold on the economy.

At this rate, it’s more apparent than ever that Biden will continue forward with his agenda of heavy spending, kneecapping the energy sector, and overinflating the government’s role in people’s lives, no matter the damage.

These latest updates on the country’s food banks are a chilling reminder as to why Republicans must win the midterms in November, thereby defeating Democrats’ current power monopoly in the federal government.