Joe Biden Has No Idea Where He Is Or Who He’s Talking To

What is Joe Biden going on in the White House? President Joe Biden appointed Xavier Beccera, pronounced “Bah-sh-air” to Defense Secretary, said that people who run grocery stores and bring carts in and, uh, should be in charge of, uh, the thing, and that Jennifer Whitmer girl in the east has things under control. The entire previous sentence is things that Biden has said recently. His gaffs are many, but his mental capacity is few.

This guy is married, has a very prestigious job, and seems to think he’s a medical expert, so what are you doing with your life? Biden is a perfect example of a “Bernie Sanders” style career politician that’s never actually done anything besides spout nonsense.

Biden’s only achievement placed Black Americans in prison more frequently and for longer than White Americans. What a guy. And still, if you don’t vote for him, “you ain’t black.” That’s what Vice President Kamala Harris is for, to fulfill that racial divide in the presidency.

Joe Biden’s off-the-cuff remarks have put him in the hot seat many times. Even Conservative Americans would be more likely to follow along with this idiot if he was more coherent and the 2020 election would have at least made more sense. The fact that a mentally incompetent man with severe cognitive decline can win the presidency doesn’t set the bar very high. His predecessor could be a middle school student at this pace. Then again, Biden wouldn’t be able to stop sniffing him on debate stages if he ran against him.

He doesn’t comprehend the rule of law either. The Supreme Court has ruled that Biden’s policies and executive orders are unconstitutional, and the OSHA mandate for employers with more than 100 employees to get vaccinated or submit to weekly testing won’t hold up either. Lawsuits will pour in until the “80 million” Biden voters get tired of him and get him out of office.

Biden’s party is going against him with the infrastructure bill, and more should follow. The unconstitutional over-taxation of the bill would put Americans in a much worse position than they’re already in. If vaccine mandates don’t allow people to keep their job, these new taxes will surely bring the middle class to the low class. I guess he can’t keep his promise to bring the low class up and the middle class out. Unless by “out,” he means to get rid of them altogether.

America is embarrassed. You have to know that even the “80 million” Biden voters aren’t happy with his mental capacity even if they’re happy with his policies. Biden can’t seem to keep himself together, and Harris is absent. Who else is left? If history keeps repeating itself, then General Mark Milley can team up with the Chinese government and run the United States into the ground for Biden’s administration.

Get this man out of office.