Joe Biden Ignored Douglas Emhoff And Switches Seats To Get Away From Kamala Harris

It’s not a secret anymore that President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris don’t like each other. Their debates during the primary should have been very obvious, but they teamed up anyway. It is the exact thing that happens when someone is chosen by their demographic rather than their character and ability to lead the country. Plenty of Black American women would have been great for the VP spot if Biden had looked further, but he chose Harris at him, and the countries, detrimentally.

At the memorial of Bob Dole, the presidential couples were seated together. They were sitting from left to right: Douglas Emhoff, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Jill Biden. It quickly changed to Douglas Emhoff, Kamala Harris, Jill Biden, Joe Biden.

Joe decided to change spots with Jill, and he asked her if they could. Don’t you hate it when mommy and daddy fight?

Both Biden’s ignored Harris and Emhoff as Emhoff nodded his head as they passed. Emhoff watches as Joe and Jill continue to their seats in what seems shocking. Before sitting, Joe turns to Jill and says something, probably babbling as he usually does, and they switch seats slowly as if nobody would notice. Harris then turns to Emhoff and says something to him, probably in an incoherent cackle as she generally does. It’s interesting to look at the men behind the presidential families as they gaze in complete confusion.

Jack Posobiec spoke on this several months ago when he said, “She’s looking to say if there is something the 25th Amendment applies to the vice is there anything we can do to make this happen. She knows Kamala Harris is a freight train bearing down on Biden.”

It’s looking like Harris may not be bearing down on Biden anytime soon as 43% of people approve of the job Harris has done. Interestingly enough, Biden’s terrible job as President may be allowing Harris to appear more competent.