Joe Biden is Keeping Mask Theater Alive and Well

Last month, Americans were finally able to toss out their face masks for good.

On Monday, April 18, a federal judge in Florida made many Americans happy when she tossed out the CDC’s travel mask mandate, a mandate that was backed by the Biden administration.

The edict was deemed to be unlawful while the CDC was scolded by the judge for failing to prove the need for it to stay in effect.

Days later, the Biden administration announced that it would repeal the judge’s decision. This is the last that’s been heard of it, though. Presumably, the appeal has not panned out as the White House wanted it to.

For quite some time, many Americans criticized mask mandates (and even mask-wearing, in certain cases) as nothing more than theater. Meanwhile, Biden’s recent use of masking definitely plays into the claims of theater made by many Americans.

Masking Just For Show?
On a trip to South Korea, the president was seen donning a face mask as he landed in the nation and stepped off of Air Force One.

However, the same president who has repeatedly shouted about the need for masking actually removed his mask before he gathered with others awaiting his arrival.

Countless video footage on the internet shows this taking place. Naturally, Americans have questions. Many folks asked why Biden would even wear a mask if he was going to take it off before his contact with other individuals.

The argument behind masks is that they protect both the wearer and others around them. Therefore, in keeping with Biden’s own talking point on masks, it would have made more sense for him to put on the mask before coming into contact with people, rather than doing the opposite.

An overwhelming number of people have described Biden’s behavior as nothing more than optics, putting on a show, or simply maintaining a needless habit.

The End of Mask Mandates
With no word on the Biden administration’s appeal regarding the CDC mask mandate ruling, many Americans are thankful to put masks behind them.

Unlike the president, folks who choose to forgo masks while traveling aren’t wearing them when they’re alone, only to take them off before gathering with others.

Largely, the American public has grown tired of the theater when it comes to masks, thus explaining the criticism against Biden’s behavior in South Korea. Yet, given the president’s behavior patterns, Americans shouldn’t be shocked to see more of the same coming soon.