Joe Biden Is The “Government Funded Pathetic Friend”

Elizabeth Warren is coming to the rescue, and thank God we have a Native American who will save us. Oh, wait, she’s not a Native American. Warren is stepping in because President Joe Biden’s Administration is falling apart. Nobody else will come out for Biden, but Warren knows how to fix his presidency.

Warren says that canceling student loans on a federal level would end Biden’s negative approval rating and make Americans like him again.

Remember the Seinfeld episode about the public library? It is what’s happening.

The quote goes, “It reminds me of that pathetic friend that everyone had when they were little kids who would let you borrow any of his stuff in exchange for being his friend. That is what the library is. A pathetic government-funded friend.”

That’s Joe Biden! The government-funded pathetic friend!

The notion that the federal government should pay off student loan debt is unjust to people who did not attend college or have already paid off their student loan debt. That’s not anyone’s debt but the person who acquired the loan. What if the federal government started canceling mortgages? Imagine the outrage Americans would have while paying for their neighbors’ homes. See the hypocrisy?

Warren said, “It would affect approximately 34 million Americans. Keep in mind that around 40% of those with student loan debt do not have a college diploma. These are people who did what we expect of Americans.”

Okay, college isn’t something every American should do.

Elon Musk, one of the richest men alive, said, “I think college is basically for fun and to prove you can do your chores, but they’re not for learning. You can learn anything for free.”

YouTube is a magical place where you can learn to do anything. There’s also LinkedIn, where you can learn things as well. Both are good platforms that will give anyone a cursory knowledge of different skills to enter the workforce.

Warren continued, “They attempted. But they had babies, were working three jobs, moved, and didn’t make it, so they’re now saddled with student loan debt for what a high school grab makes.”

If they failed, then they failed. What makes Warren think that the government should pay for student loan debt when people fail to graduate, that the government didn’t care about small businesses that closed during the 2020 pandemic or the businesses that were destroyed during the 2020 riots.

If that’s all that Warren has to offer, she should sit this one out. It will not work, and she has no real solutions to contribute.