Joe Biden Laughs At His ‘Unprepared Response’ To More Cases Of COVID-19 Than Last Year

President Joe Biden has sat down with many people for one-on-one interviews, and to say that they went well would be an overstatement. A chopped-up interview Biden gave in August to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos ended severely when the transcript came out and was different from the interview.

While on ABC again, this time on World News Tonight, Biden was interviewed by David Muir. He asked, “We’re nearly two years into this pandemic. You’re a year into the presidency, empty shelves, and no test kits in some places three days before Christmas when it’s so important. Is that good enough?”

Biden responded, “No, nothing’s been good enough.”

Interestingly, COVID-19 vaccine mandates or testing measures were announced in September of 2021, and the problems still aren’t solved. There are two possibilities. Biden doesn’t want anyone taking the test and is removing that option to force people to get the COVID-19 vaccine, or the Biden administration isn’t capable of getting anything done.

Biden continued, “But take a look at where we are. Emergency rooms were overflowing when we had fewer vaccinated people inoculated last Christmas. You had major backlogs at hospitals, which were producing major problems. We now have 200 million people who have been properly immunized. There are 200 million people who have been fully immunized.”

Does that matter? Let’s look at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) data.

On December 25, 2020, the CDC reported 159,275 new cases and a 7-day moving average of 194,793. The latest data from December 22, 2021, the CDC reported 243,817 new cases and a 7-day moving average case of 176,097.

As far as hospitalizations go, Biden was kind of correct. On December 25, 2020, the CDC reported 14,117 daily hospitalizations, and the most recent data from December 21, 2020, shows 7,928 new daily hospitalizations. Yes, the U.S. is better because of the vaccine and natural immunity that has been gained over the last year, and 2022 will be even better. Biden needs to understand that fewer people seek hospitalization because of COVID-19, and it has little to do with infections.

There are more infections by a large margin in 2021 than there were at the same time in 2020. Biden needs to get off his high horse and stop talking out of the side of his head.
“And we have more than that who have had one shot, at least one shot. And they are getting these booster shots as well,” Biden bragged.

As far as transmission, the vaccines haven’t done anything. That’s data, not misinformation or disinformation. It’s easy to look up and see transmissibility, and it’s unacceptable to blame the unvaccinated. That’s an excuse for poor-performing vaccines.

Biden decided to laugh off how unprepared his administration was and said, “How did we get it wrong? Nobody saw it coming.”

Regardless of whether they saw Omicron coming, that’s not the point. Their incompetence is the point.