Joe Biden: The Trucking COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Won’t Affect Supply Chain

No matter the occupation, members of the front line who have spent their time, energy, and health providing for the entire United States and pushing the economy forward don’t deserve to have a COVID-19 vaccine shoved in their body against their will by any company or government. President Joe “Blue Collar” Biden is doing just that to the trucking community.

Not only did Biden lie about driving a truck and say, “I used to drive a tractor-trailer. I only did it for part of a summer,” but now Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate is extending to truckers even after millions threatened to quit. It’s everyday Americans that are going to suffer.

The American Trucking Association (ATA) has said that they encourage every American to get vaccinated, but after their workers carried load across the country to include personal protective equipment and even the vaccines, Chris Spear, President and CEO of ATA, said, “believe that the Biden Administration has overstepped its statutory authority in issuing this Emergency Temporary Standard.”

The courts agreed, several of them. Even though an appeals court let Biden have his mandate, the Supreme Court is involved. Nobody is quite sure what the Supreme Court will say, but they’ll likely strike down the mandates. Especially with Omicron being so mild and the COVID-19 vaccines winning over time, there’s no end to the “fully vaccinated” definition, and the government can make it whatever they want to.

COVID-19 vaccine mandates are proving to add stress to the already tricky workforce that Americans are under, and it’s not looking like COVID-19 is going away any time soon, so it would be in America’s best interest for the Supreme Court to rule against Biden on this one.

Spear continued, “We warned the government that, given the nature of our sector and the makeup of our workforce, this mandate could have severe effects on the supply chain and the economy, and they have, sadly, chosen to proceed despite our concerns.”

It wouldn’t be harmful to people to start pushing back on the COVID-19 vaccine mandates on a large scale. The government can’t push something forward that most people are against, significantly when it disrupts the supply chain. Biden doesn’t need another federally assisted disaster.

Spear also said, “So, we are now, regrettably, forced to seek to have this mandate overturned in court.”

The ATA is a vast organization backed by hundreds of thousands of businesses that rely on their drivers and support to keep them running. When push comes to shove, the hundreds of thousands of businesses depending on them to deliver their products will back their decision even if they disagree with it. They won’t choose when their business is struggling, and they have to get products to their customers and storefronts. It’s just the way our economic structure exists, and it’s not changing anytime soon, regardless of what Biden says.

Biden says the mandate won’t affect trucking, but Biden, the non-truck driver, doesn’t understand how the close-knit trucking community bands together.