Joe Biden Will Abandon Taiwan To China

China is a nation controlled by the Communist Party. A country of enslaved people driven by a despot, Xi Jinping claims that Taiwan is a piece of China. Most nations in the UN do not recognize Taiwan as a sovereign nation. While 100 miles of water separate Taiwan from China, more than the distance between the US and Cuba. Despite what the diplomats of China say, the CCP seems hellbent on annexing the island nation, following in the footsteps of Vladimir Putin taking Crimea and now much of Ukraine.

As the leader for life of the CCP, Xi has declared a “One China” strategy. China wants to erase years of democracy in Taiwan and subsume it in the Chinese state. The United States has traditionally protected Taiwan while not formally and diplomatically treated as independent. However, most of the world’s countries will not treat Taiwan as sovereign because that would anger the paymasters in Beijing. John Kerry is an excellent example of a US diplomat who has bent over backward to appease the CCP on Taiwan.

Formal recognition of Taiwan would irritate the communists and socialists who considered China that claims Taiwan is an agitator region. Today, there are just 15 countries where Taiwan is a sovereign country. I offer my appreciation for the valiance of these nations. Different countries, including the USA, prostrate to the Goliath of Asia (Communist China) while we still discreetly pull for David and pantomime blowing informal kisses to Taiwan.

China has played this game since the 1970s. When President Nixon went to China, he started moving toward the Most Favored Nation status. His strategic objective crafted by Henry Kissinger was to position Communist China in opposition to Communist Russia. These two autocratic nations are closer than ever. Currently, Russia has adopted the MIR CCP unified payment system to replace the SWIFT, credit and banking tied to the US dollar. The CCP demanded that we deny Taiwan as part of our negotiations between 1980-2010.

Working with China was supposed to lead the communists to a more capitalist and democratic system. Once we proved that burgers and jeans were fun to buy, selling plastic trinkets could be profitable. Instead, a contentious domineering ruler is viciously putting down protests in Hong Kong and threatening Taiwan. Students who protested in 1989 in Tiananmen Square were rounded up and summarily imprisoned and executed. Chinese leaders take American and European technology and innovation through massive government-funded industrial espionage. Military secrets and routinely extracted from US leaks and spies.

But that does not begin to describe the asymmetric warfare the Chinese have already proven capable of. They are laughing at a pandemic that the Communist Chinese Party developed with US NIH grants from Anthony Fauci. Francis Collins was used to shutting down the global economy for a month and damaging it for nearly two years.

Taiwan supports democratic values and the slave drivers in China hate that. The sock puppet Joe Biden will not recognize Taiwan as a sovereign country. Instead, it is more likely that he will allow Taiwan’s subjection to the CCP. Biden will encourage China to attack and move on to other opportunities in the Southeast Asian region, including consolidating control over Pakistan and maybe utilizing North Korea against South Korea and even Japan. Xi will envision that opportunity to take Taiwan as part of a masterstroke in concert with Russian and Iranian aggression.

Thank you once again, Democrats, for imposing the Biden-Harris maladministration of fools upon the world. If you did not think that it could get worse, wait.