Joe Biden’s Mental Breakdowns Are Now Threatening National Security

Unfortunately, in 2022, it is par for the course for Joe Biden to say things that don’t make sense. The president does this on a regular basis, too. Just earlier this month, he mistakenly referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as “the first lady.”

With the war in Ukraine growing more unpredictable by the second, it’s more important than ever to have a president who is competent and aware. Although, time and time again, Biden proves his inability to rise to the occasion.

This week, Biden spent time in Europe to gather with NATO allies and discuss Russia’s invasion against Ukraine. Yet, during public remarks with the press, Biden’s gaffes posed very grave threats to America’s national security, as cited by PJ Media.

Talking America Into World War III

While speaking with the media in Brussels, Biden was asked if NATO would employ military action, should Russia unleash chemicals against Ukraine. To this end, the president said a reaction “in kind” would ensue if Russia took this course of action.

With the sanity of Russian President Putin reportedly dwindling by the day, threats of the US using chemical weapons against Russia is the last thing Biden should be putting out there.

After this comment from the president, his White House scrambled to clean it up. According to the White House, there are no plans whatsoever for America to unleash chemicals against Russia.

This gaffe from Biden came on top of him also claiming that US troops would be going into Ukraine. Once again, the White House was forced to come out and publicly walk back these remarks from the president.

One Nightmare After the Other

Biden’s comments that very nearly talked America into World War III come amid a series of other disasters from Biden’s time in Europe.

During a NATO press conference, Biden revealed that food shortages are on the horizon. The president stated that he reached this assessment after talking with other world leaders about the impact of Russia’s war in Ukraine.

At this point, there’s no telling what Biden may say or do next to further worsen geopolitical events and potentially trigger another war.

This president’s patterns of gaffes have gone from being embarrassing and cringe-worthy to downright dangerous. That doesn’t even get into how poorly these slip-ups represent America on the world stage.

With Biden in office and representing the United States, it’s no wonder that our enemies feel emboldened to do whatever they please.