Joe Biden’s Presidency is Going Down in Flames

In many respects, Biden’s time as president has amounted to one set of disasters after the another.

For instance, one of the president’s very first moves was taking out the Keystone XL Pipeline. In doing this, Biden also caused 11,000 hard-working Americans to lose their jobs. That’s also not to mention how losing this pipeline absolutely gutted the United States’ energy independence.

Another huge disaster arrived when Biden handled America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan in the worst possible way. The president decided that removing troops from the nation ahead of evacuating U.S. citizens and allies was a good idea.

This led to deaths of 13 American soldiers. Also, the Taliban’s current power in Afghanistan is, in part, a result of how Biden chose to pull out.

Since the nightmare in Afghanistan, the American people have been pummeled by supply chain problems, inflation and rising energy prices.

According to Red State, a brand new poll currently indicates just how quickly Biden’s presidency is going down in flames.

Unpacking the Latest Monmouth University Poll

At this time, Monmouth University has confirmed that 54% of US adults do not approve of Biden’s job performance. Only 39% of adults across the country do approve. This data is identical to responses from the American public roughly two months ago.

It gets even more fascinating. Monmouth University also reveals that 55% of Americans who are registered to vote disapprove of the president’s job performance. Currently, Biden’s approval rating among registered voters stands at only 39%.

This poll also throws cold water on Biden’s State of the Union address, delivered earlier this month. Less than 50% of Americans believe our country’s union is currently in a strong position.

This comes on top of news that only 25% of Americans believe Biden has prioritized matters that are most important to everyday folks.

A Negative Forecast for Democrats

As the public’s approval of Biden continues to decline, many Democrats are hard at work to persuade the American that their disastrous policies should be continued.

For example, left-wing politicians continue to pass the blame for U.S. inflation and unaffordable gas prices onto Russian President Vladimir Putin. The White House is even getting TikTok influencers onboard to spread this misinformation to the masses.

If the Monmouth University, and several other polls, are any indication, the American public wants results, not propaganda. When Biden took the White House, he did so on the promise to “Build Back Better.”

At the risk of stating the obvious, there is nothing “better” about the condition of America today, especially when we consider the nation stood only 16 months ago.