John Fetterman Trying To Hide His Troubling Track Record On Crime

In Pennsylvania, Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman is facing a lot of issues. For one thing, he spent a long time refusing to debate Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz.

While Fetterman has since changed his mind and agreed to a debate with Oz, Fetterman’s only consented to a date that comes after voting already started.

Earlier this year, Fetterman also suffered from a stroke, causing him to have lingering issues with speech and hearing. Therefore, many people are questioning whether the Pennsylvania Democrat would even be physically up for the job of serving in the Senate.

Despite multiple calls for Fetterman to release his medical records, he has yet to do so. Instead, Fetterman is trying to do damage control and hide his troubling history when it comes to crime.

The Monster that Fetterman Can’t Outrun
The Pennsylvania Democrat’s track record on crime goes beyond just advocating for convicted murderers to be let out of jail.

In addition to this, when Fetterman served as the mayor of Braddock, crime increased more than three times from 2006 to 2018, per the FBI. If you let Fetterman tell it though, his oversight of the city made it safer.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only skeleton in the Democrat’s closet. On Fetterman’s campaign website, he wholeheartedly endorsed the Black Lives Matter movement, saying he was for the slogan before the movement officially formed.

Nonetheless, in the wake of being hammered on his troubling crime record, the Pennsylvania Democrat scrubbed all mention of the Marxist organization from his website.

Fetterman removing mention of Black Lives Matter from his campaign site is significant because it was previously there since last February.

Bigger Implications For the Nation
Oz and other Republicans continue to draw attention to the danger that will stem from Fetterman getting into the Senate.

Right now, the United States is already dealing with disturbing levels of lawlessness. In major cities like Philadelphia, Americans are also losing their lives or otherwise being brutalized by criminals who feel emboldened.

Fetterman’s track record does not show someone who is serious about protecting law and order or ensuring the safety of innocents. This is why various GOP members are warning that it would be remiss for Fetterman to be elected, regardless of the updates he makes on his campaign website.