John Kerry Conducted Illegal Meetings with Iran During Trump Presidency

When Former President Donald Trump ascended to the Oval Office it is fair to say that he took actions inconsistent with the former administration. He pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Accords. He imposed tariffs on China. Trump also pulled us out of the Former Secretary of State John Kerry negotiated Iran nuclear deal. This last fact did not seem to stop Kerry from meeting with Iran during the Trump presidency in violation of the Logan Act.

The Logan Act makes it illegal for unauthorized Americans to negotiate on behalf of the United States. This is to avoid confusion and prevent individuals, even former government officials, from undermining the current government. Given that the United States is a democracy, and the power of the government is a grant from the people, former officials have no power. Kerry seems to have forgotten that and is clearly in violation of the Logan Act.

This news is especially troubling given what is being discovered by the Special Counsel for the United States Department of Justice John Durham. It has been revealed that there was an active campaign against Trump by a whole host of either Obama holdovers, or at least those who are sympathetic to the aims of the Obama administration. Couple this with Kerry’s efforts to undermine Trump’s interaction with one of our enemies and a broader picture of nefarious behavior is emerging.

That said, it will be surprising if anyone is held accountable other than some lower players for process crimes. There seems to be a double standard for members of the Democrat party when it comes to violating the law. When conservatives point this out, they are branded conspiracy theorists, but one only needs to compare similar circumstances where the main difference is the political beliefs of the defendant.

Compare the current trial of Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann and former general Michael Flynn. Both were charged with lying to the FBI. While Flynn’s counsel was frustrated at every turn by the judge, in that case, the Sussman judge has bent over backward in their rulings for the Clinton lawyer’s defense team. Even if Sussman is convicted, a light sentence is expected.

Regardless of what happens in the Sussman trial, you know for sure that Kerry will not see the inside of a courtroom for his actions during Trump’s presidency. The double standard continues.