John Podesta Chosen To Oversee $370 Billion In Climate Funds

President Joe Biden announced that John Podesta will serve as a senior advisor to the White House overseeing clean energy projects; specifically, the implementation of $370 billion of the recently passed “Inflation Reduction Act.”

Podesta, according to Townhall, served in both the Clinton and Obama administrations and was chairman of Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign. He also founded the “Center for American Progress” and is now the Chairman of the left-leaning thinktank’s board where he has been informally advising the Biden administration on climate change issues.

According to CNBC, “Podesta, who led former President Barack Obama’s climate strategy, will be tasked with doling out tax credits for clean energy products like solar panels and electric vehicles, and toward research and development in renewable energy production.”

Many on the political left believe Podesta is the right person for this job because of his past experience both in high level governmental positions and, specifically, with climate and clean energy policies.

Many Republicans, however, were more skeptical of Podesta’s appointment. The combination of Podesta’s brother, the Clinton email fiasco and ties to lobbying firms have made his appointment to this position difficult to comprehend. Kyle Becker, for instance, tweeted:

Tony Podesta, John’s brother, who was previously investigated during the Russia probe, closed his lobbying firm in 2017 under heavy scrutiny. A recent federal disclosure report shows that Podesta reopened his firm in 2022 and was paid $500,000 by the Chinese company Huawei to lobby the White House in the third quarter of 2021.

According to TownHall, Tony Podesta’s current clients include Huawei and Quantum Materials Corp, a company whose website touts its work on solar technology. A major aspect of John Podesta’s appointment is to support domestic manufacturing of solar panels and grants and loans for states and electric companies to move away from fossil fuels.

The “Inflation Reduction Act” passed along party lines in August with Republicans warning that its passage would “unleash an IRS crackdown on the middle class and small business owners without lowering four-decade-high inflation.” Many Republicans and economists also believe that the Inflation Reduction Act will do nothing to reduce inflation as this video shows: