Jonas Brothers Hit An ‘All-Time Low’ And It Will ‘Make You Regret’ Buying Their Albums

There’s an obvious stunt in the United States White House to pander to younger audiences. President Joe Biden just did a TikTok video with the Jonas Brothers, and it’s what you might think it should be. This video isn’t much different from Biden’s video with Bill Nye, where the two talked about the Build Back Better bill.

It has been a blatant push because the Pentatonix singing group also did a small montage for the Biden Administration with their hit 10-second single, get a booster. That’s not the name, but it would have been as cringe-worthy if it was.

The Jonas Brothers were particularly awful because they weren’t saying words. They were doing some voice-over skit lip-syncing to a “Joe Byron” type monologue.

The skit originated from a street interview where a man referred to Biden as Byron, and they played off that. The performance started by saying “Bing Bong,” and another saying, “Yo, are you vaccinated?” Then one of them pops out from behind a present in front of the Christmas tree? It’s awkward to watch.

In the end, one says, “What do you want to tell the president?” And another says, “What’s up, baby?” “Take me out to dinner.”

Then reality kicks in, and in their normal voices, one says, “Uh, did we get it?” Biden moves a camera pointed at them, and it revealed to them that it was Biden filming the whole time. I know your mind is blown.

Many celebrities coming out for a president is shocking and horrifying. Stars were scared to come out as Republican and still are. Still, there’s universal acceptance in the Democrat party to do TikTok videos and show your support for Biden and Harris as they continue to be a disaster.

Biden also did something unique during a South Carolina State University speech, and the script may have been left at the White House stage room under the airport that day.

Biden said Harris was the president. He didn’t miss a beat and followed up to restate what he had already said.

If Biden and Harris want to pander to young people, they need to go on Joe Rogan’s podcast. If they’re going to look like giant horses’ asses, they should keep doing what they’re doing.