Joy Behar Instructs Black People On Why They Should Trust The Mandates

Is “Whitesplaining” a word? If not, it needs to be created only to refer to Joy Behar in a new way.

Behar, a long-time host of The View, knows everything there is to know about Black Americans and how they should think. If it weren’t for White liberals, would Black Americans even realize they were Black? Chelsea Handler said, “I had to remind him he was a Black person,” referring to 50 Cent and who he should vote for in the 2020 election. President Joe Biden did the same thing when he said, “You better figure out if you’re voting for the other guy or me, or you ain’t black.” Biden was probably referring to former President Donald Trump, but with Biden’s extreme cognitive decline, there’s no telling who he thought he was referring to.

The stereotypical attitude of liberals is to categorize people into subsets. “Rednecks” vote Republican, Black Americans vote Democrat, LGBTQ vote Democrat, and the list goes on. None of those people can be put into one category of political view, which makes America so great. The political perspective that suits your lifestyle and identity can be yours, whether who you are, where you live, or what religion you follow.

Behar did make a good point when she said, “A lot of people don’t take the vaccine because they’re afraid of the vaccine, now they’re going to be afraid of not taking the vaccine. The question is which fear will win.” I give Behar credit for that line. She’s right. There seems to be a fear of both. Taking the vaccine and dealing with the side effects that may occur and given that the Covid-19 vaccine is still under emergency use authorization, it’s not entirely clear what side effects will come in the long term. Then, there’s a fear of not taking the vaccine and losing your livelihood or dying of the Covid-19 virus. It’s not the government’s job to tell you what to do. When the Covid-19 vaccine is FDA approved, then there’s possibly a conversation that could be had with all of the negative and positive factors considered.

Behar explains that she doesn’t blame the Black American community for being afraid of taking the vaccine because of the Tuskegee experiments where hundreds of Black Americans were given Syphilis without their knowledge to see what would happen. Still, Behar notes that so many White Americans have taken it that it shouldn’t be feared anymore. She is placing all Black Americans in the category of worrying the government and incapable of making their decision without her input. Behar is a prominent White American liberal and feels that she can ease the Black American community by her comments. Still, her opinion, and anyone else’s opinion, shouldn’t have an impact on personal choice.

Whoopi Goldberg chimed in and said that we could point to plenty of things with the Tuskegee experiment, but this isn’t one of them. While the differences place the two investigations into different categories, the Covid-19 vaccine is an experiment. The fact remains that personal choice and personal responsibility factor into the Covid-19 vaccine and virus. The Americans who are fearful want everyone to comply, the Americans who are comfortable with taking the vaccine and not worrying about others are fine, the Americans who choose not to take the vaccine and aren’t fearful of the Covid-19 virus are fine, and the Americans who are afraid of the Covid-19 vaccine want everyone forced into not taking it.

The polarity on opposite extremes makes up a small amount of the whole. The middle section is the majority of the population that gets little to no attention and recognition.

Goldberg also says that it’s okay since White Americans are getting it, and you don’t see them with double heads. But the extreme side effects aren’t always the ones to be feared. The minor side effects that could destroy someone’s life are what should be considered. The smaller the side effect, the more likely it is to occur. That’s a consideration that should be taken into account.