Judge Jeanine Rips Reactions to the Memphis Crime Wave

Former New York State judge, Jeanine Pirro, gave her thoughts on the crime wave that has hit Memphis, Tennessee, as high-profile kidnappings and shootings increase.

Pirro is a Fox News contributor who slammed Democrats’ crime policies that let offenders off to re-offend again and believes that is contributing to Memphis’ downfall.

“I found this out when I was first a judge. I would sentence someone to x number of years and they’d be eligible for parole and I’d get the request from parole as DA and I remember saying, ‘I just sentenced that guy,'” Pirro said while on Fox’s “The Five.” “There’s not only no truth in sentencing in most states in this country, there’s a benefit given for good time, whatever the hell that means, like if you don’t stab or shiv your neighbor.”

On September 7, police arrested a 19-year-old Memphis man who reportedly killed four people and injured several others. He had previous 2020 charges for first-degree attempted murder, aggravated assault, employment of a firearm with intent to commit a dangerous felony and reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon.

He was released and able to offend again, ending several innocent lives.

“Now what we’ve got to understand is the criminal justice system is not just broken from the offenders being released as soon as they’re arrested, but it’s broken because of plea bargains, it’s broken because of parole, probation,” Pirro continued. “When someone is put on probation, they’re in touch with their probation officer, I’ve got news for you. What they do is if they’re lucky, they call up, the probation officer loses them, doesn’t even bother to file a violation of probation. The whole system is broken and my only question, and I’ll end with this, is how long will it take for the pendulum to swing back where it needs to be.”

A 34-year-old mother was recently discovered murdered after she was kidnapped in Memphis. Eliza Fletcher was a mother of two and a kindergarten teacher who was murdered by a suspect who had a prior kidnapping conviction but was, once again, released back onto the streets.

“The public needs to understand, there’s some people who do not deserve to live where law-abiding people live because they have exhibited so much violence, so much disregard for the life of other people that they don’t – they shouldn’t be with us,” Pirro said.

The two high-profile criminals were both black, which many speculate is why the mainstream media is lackluster in reporting these incidents. Coupled with blatant evidence that soft-on-crime policies are drastically failing, the establishment media and Democrat leaders have lacked in standing up for justice in the Memphis crime cases.