Judge Rebukes DA For Conflict of Interest in 2020 Election Probe

An Atlanta area district attorney overplayed her hand in going after what she perceived as election interference while supporting the rival of a target of her investigation. She was called out by a judge on Monday.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ crusade hit a roadblock when it was revealed that she held a fundraiser for the opponent of state Sen. Burt Jones. Jones is a primary target of her hand-selected special grand jury, which is searching for illegal conduct after the 2020 presidential election.

Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney agreed with Jones’ allegation, writing in his decision that Willis investigating Jones is an “actual and untenable conflict.”

McBurney further said that anything the DA decides about Jones after hosting the fundraiser for his opponent “is necessarily infected by it.”

The judge’s order on Monday was not as sweeping as other targets of the special grand jury investigation had hoped. Eleven who critics deem to be “phony electors” and were subpoenaed by Willis’ office continue to be subjects of the investigations.

It is expected that another Georgia district attorney’s office will take over the investigation of Jones.

Nevermind that the Democratic nominee for Georgia governor, Stacey Abrams, has yet to concede her lost race for the state’s highest office — in 2018.

Willis has been fixated on what her office calls 16 “fake electors” who she said were part of the effort by former President Donald Trump and his lawyers and allies to overturn the 2020 election.

A slate of Biden electors was formed after his victory in Georgia. Willis and her special grand jury are digging into electors who supported Trump and submitted documentation to the National Archives.

Democrats charge this may have set the stage for a legal showdown over which electors were legitimate. Only, it didn’t.

Asking the Georgia secretary of state if there are ballots to be found is hardly a crime, and that’s another focus of the investigation. As with the Jan. 6 House committee, this Democratic grandstanding is simply preaching to the choir.

Either way, at what point did it become ethical for a prosecutor to host a fundraiser for one of their target’s opponents? Meanwhile, there are much more important issues that the American public is fixated on.