Just 7 More House Democrats Needed To Control The Border Crisis

House Democrats can choose to end the border crisis by joining hands with 211 Republicans to force a vote for better border control measures. Only seven more house democrats are needed to mitigate illegal immigration and border issues.

The Biden administration’s decision to abandon Title 42 can lead to an unprecedented surge of illegal immigrants traffic at the border. Along with these migrants, dangerous cartels at the borders are also a serious threat. Without Title 42, the US will be defenseless against what is to come.

Although it is important to try and reinstate Title 42 again, it is also important for Congress to boost border security altogether to combat the ongoing immigrant crisis. Plans and promises on behalf of the administration are not enough anymore.

Title 42 is an immigration health law that lets homeland security officers turn away people at the border who are a health risk, especially in light of COVID-19. Although it is not a complete preventive effort to stop the ongoing border crisis, it is still somewhat better than the Biden administration’s plans by removing every Trump-era policy that works.

As the border crisis worsens, people in America will suffer the consequences through more drug and human trafficking, increased incidences of terrorism and crime, destroyed property, and much more. The current administration’s policies also encourage more people to attempt the illegal border crossing to enter the US.

To mitigate the ongoing issue, 11 democrats have signed a bipartisan bill that requires Title 42 to be reinstated, and the current administration must submit a plan to Congress on how to best address the illegal aliens influx.

Reports state that at least 18,000 illegal migrants can be expected to arrive daily at the border without Title 42. As a result, the Border Patrol agents who cannot control a 7000 person daily influx, will now be processing documents instead of patrolling, which will affect the border security.

Instead of relying on bipartisanship, the Republicans are looking for seven more democrats to sign to force House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for a vote. They also seek to give DHS the needed authority to turn away immigrants at the border.