Justice Alito Burns Prince Harry on Roe Criticism

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito did not take criticism from exiled British Prince Harry lying down. In remarks to a religious liberty conference in Italy, the jurist slammed the Duke of Sussex for remarks made to the United Nations concerning U.S. law.

Alito, adopting the sarcastic speech pattern of Prince Harry, drew laughter for mocking the royal’s biting comments about the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Harry called 2022 a “painful year in a painful decade” that saw a worldwide “assault on democracy and freedom.

His remarks came to a mostly empty UN General Assembly last week as part of a program to honor the late South African civil rights leader Nelson Mandela.

Alito particularly slammed the prince’s comparison of the American high court ruling to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The justice noted his honor in writing perhaps the only SCOTUS decision in history that was blasted by “a whole string of foreign leaders.”

Alito’s comments were made as he addressed the Religious Liberty Summit in Rome last week. He was the author of the leaked draft opinion on overturning Roe in May and then the actual document last month.

Prince Harry was not the only foreigner or even Brit to get caught up in criticizing the high court only to get a rebuke from Alito. The jurist said outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson also waded into American law, “but he paid the price.”

The PM called the decision a “big step backwards.” Johnson decided to step down after scathing criticism and numerous scandals within his party.

Similar lessons should be learned by French President Emmanuel Macron, who called abortion “a fundamental right for all women” that has to be preserved. Then there’s Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who said that no government or man should tell a woman “what to do with her body.”

Alito is spot-on in his observation of foreign leaders feeling free to criticize U.S. legal decisions that do not align with their personal agendas. Prince Harry has much more to worry about than the state of the country that took him in, and Boris Johnson is looking for other work.