Justin Trudeau Is ‘The Real Racist’ Here

Canada is about to get even worse after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau questioned if Canada should “tolerate” people who choose not to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Those are fighting words for a country that still bows to the Queen of England.

Trudeau said, “We will emerge from this pandemic through vaccination. We know people who are still making up their minds, and we will do our very best to try to convince them.”

That’s the thing. You don’t have to. Everyone has the data they need to make a decision. Some don’t believe the government and instead rely on their research. That’s a satisfactory conclusion to make and one that will generally lead to the truth.

Trudeau continued, “However, there is still a part of the population that is fiercely against it. They don’t believe in science/progress and are very often misogynistic and racist.”

That’s verifiably false. Trudeau and these other politicians know that they kept such good care to make sure every piece of information gathered about the COVID-19 vaccine was categorized and put on display. What makes Trudeau or anyone else think that we can’t just look up the racial percentages of the vaccinated? We did.

Dr. Ato Sekyi-Otu, leader of the healthcare task force of the Black Opportunity Fund, said, “There’s a 20-point gap concerning the rate of vaccination in Black Canadians compared to the Canadian average.”

So, when you hear anyone say that people who won’t take the COVID-19 vaccine are racist, remind them that the ones who want to segregate the unvaccinated are the actual racists.

And misogynists? Really? That doesn’t even need to be verified because there is no actual data to prove that. Yes, there’s no data to disprove it, but there’s also no data to confirm that the vaccinated aren’t misogynists. See what was done there?

Trudeau then said, “This leads us, as a leader and as a country, to make a choice: Do we tolerate these people?”

What does Trudeau mean by “these people,” as Robert Downey Jr. Would say? “Look at his eyes, man. Look at his beady White devil eyes.”

With breakthrough cases popping up everywhere, how could anybody suggest the unvaccinated problem? It’s so clear that everyone can get COVID-19 even if they’re vaccinated. When are people going to put the blame where it belongs? China and Dr. Anthony Fauci are to blame for the COVID-19 pandemic. Fauci funded gain-of-function research that led to the COVID-19 virus escaping the Wuhan, China lab.

The unvaccinated are honestly tired of the governments of the entire world lying, and they have lost trust in any institution that tells them, or forces them, to take an irreversible vaccine, especially when the manufacturers won’t be honest about the side effects, studies, ingredients, and process that produced the vaccine.