Kaine: FBI Spying On Catholic Churches ‘A Misunderstanding’

Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) appeared to give his stamp of approval on the FBI’s controversial program to place informants in Catholic churches to root out traditionalists.

The Catholic politician who was Hillary Clinton’s running mate in 2016 and supports legal abortion asserted the bureau was looking into “violent extremists.” He chalked up the whirlwind surrounding the revelation to vague wording leading to a “misunderstanding.”

The agency’s alleged purpose was to infiltrate “radical traditionalist Catholics” who might hold White supremacist views. They believed, according to leaked information, that extremists were attempting to recruit adherents to the traditional Latin Mass.

ABC13 asked the Democrat how these “misunderstandings” could be avoided. He then advised the FBI to directly approach church leaders with their concerns.

He explained, “I think the key is communication. If the FBI has a concern like that, then go to the church leaders and say ‘Hey look, we have a concern and we don’t want your members to get unwittingly caught up in something.’”

Kaine then drew a comparison with the FBI’s work in past surveillance of mosques where there were attempts to radicalize worshipers, “especially young people.”

Kaine claimed he assisted in connecting Catholic bishops with the agency to work out concerns over transparency.

It was February when former FBI Special Agent Kyle Seraphin revealed the shocking attempts to infiltrate Catholic congregations by the bureau. He said the agency “would like to protect Virginians from the threat of ‘white supremacy.”

This ideology, he said the bureau believed, had taken root with traditionalist worshipers who prefer the Latin Mass.

The whistleblower said the FBI contended with “high confidence” that it could eradicate the threat by recruiting undercover sources within congregations to spy on potential extremists.

In response, House Republicans earlier this month subpoenaed FBI Director Christopher Wray. Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) wrote that the agency “sought to use local religious organizations as ‘new avenues for tripwire and source development.’”

It should come as no surprise that the Biden administration views traditional worship as a threat. The radical leftist agenda it promotes has no place in such congregations, so they are considered outsiders who must be monitored and kept under control.